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Urbanspoon, Tripadvisor - going to tell ALL my friends!

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I enjoy reading restaurant reviews on these sites, because it gives me a general idea about what to expect before I book. Most reviews are balanced and thoughtful, but what shits me the most is when a bad review ends with "and I'm going to tell all my friends!!!"
It's a veiled threat to the owner, basically saying you are going to spread bad words about them. You could just throw your toys out of the pram for the same effect.
Any other annoying "reviewer" terminologies us Chowhounders hate on these websites?

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  1. I think your right "General Idea" I used to travel and used yelp as a finder and then did more research. Recently one of my favorite local places received two one star reviews on yelp. I clicked on the "reviewer" the first one has only one review ever the one posted and the second has four all one star.

    The things I hate are reviews that complain about things that are out of the restaurants control like parking or parking tickets.

    1. Whenever I look at one star reviews, I generally want to see if its because of a bad "experience" rather than bad food. Usually, if its somebody complaining about the decor, or the waitress didn't know something about the menu, etc., I often chock it up to the diner having a bad attitude or even the server just having a bad day and don't give it a whole lot of weight as to whether I'd like to eat there..

      My family owned a restaurant for 20 years, and even though we always tried to treat everyone well, if you had a bad attitude, it sometimes got reflected back on you in the way you got treated.

      1. If you want a laundry list of bad terminologies check out Amy's Baking Company on Yelp. 88 reviews, 172 filtered and 3765 deleted.

        1. Here's a lovely young lady not just telling "all of her friends", but she also has "a lawyer on it" and is posting this wonderful piece of film on her facebook page.

          I really hope she does.


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            The poor princess had to take her FB page down.... what a delusional psychopath.

          2. Well, if I've been following along properly all these years some CH's dislike the use of the words: great, yummy, delish, best, most cutesy words ending in y or the y sound when describing a meal or food enough to devote many threads to the topic of how we describe our dining experience or food joy.