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Jun 11, 2013 02:43 PM

What is this old tool?

An old kitchen(?) tool from our cottage in Maine. Great great Aunt was a big baker and cook. Anyone know what this is? Thanks.

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  1. You poke it into the flour bag, and then you can flour your work surface--just shake the thingie a little. Don't know what it is called, but you can still buy them.

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      1. re: Samalicious

        Thank you both for the answer. I thought I was posting in general but somehow ended up in gardening but got good responses none the less.

    1. That is an egg separated. I you crack the egg, the white slips through and the yolk will stay in the top.. it one and it works just great. They are still sold today. And they actual have a groove for hanging on bowel or pan egg.

      1. I agree with Sniggles - it's an egg separator. A quick Google search turned up numerous examples of similar ones. It could probably be made to serve as a flour duster, as suggested by sparrowgrass and Samalicious, but that would be an improvised use. Most flour dusters are constructed like salt shakers: a container holds a small amount of flour that you shake out through a fine mesh or a grid of small holes. There's at least one brand that does look like two of these egg separators connected face to face (so to speak), but the coils are much tighter.

        1. totally see how you could see that as a flour duster, but a flour duster looks like this:

          (ETA: changed the link to a different company to get rid of the obnoxious pop-ups)

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            I recently bought a flour duster like the one sunshine linked to. (In fact, I think I bought that one, bought I got it else where.) It works very well, particularly once I figured out holding it vertically gives better results. It's a totally ridiculous one job tool, but it does it very well, and makes much less mess than doing it by hand or with a sifter does. I'm torn between thinking "should have bought it years ago" and "Really, I bought that?".