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Jun 11, 2013 02:05 PM

Oh, someone please remember...

HI there,

I'm looking for a link to a sauce I have made 3 times that I got from this website. Amazingly, though I ALWAYS bookmark recipes I like, I did not bookmark this one. I have searched the internet for hours trying to find it...

It was for some type of Hungarian Paprika Sauce...I found it when I was searching about for stuffed pepper recipes. I've looked through every stuffed pepper recipe post on these boards.

From what I remember, there was Hungarian Paprika, Sour Cream, Onions, I think even peppers in it and then I believe I pureed it? Oh, if anyone remembers what I am talking about or has that link or that thread I would be the happiest Hungarian Paprika Sauce hunting girl on Earth!!

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  1. Wow, that sounds awesome. I hope you find it.

    1. I suggest you edit your title and replace it with something about the particular sauce so more people see it. Lots of readers don't click on non-specific titles.

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          1. re: greygarious

            I was going to edit...but I dont think I can. Is there only a 2 hour window for editing original posts?

            1. re: MedicNiki

              Under your OP click on the "Flag" link, and select "other. In the comment box, ask them to change the title for you.

          2. Here's a long thread on chicken paprikash with several recipes embedded--look through it.


            1. Or try using a recipe search outside of this site

              One found with that technique was this one

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              1. re: MidwesternerTT

                Thanks for the suggestion! I definitely searched the internet all day using every combination of key words i could think of from the original recipe. No success :(

                1. re: MedicNiki

                  Remember, if in chowhound's search, you have to change the date range in the advanced search or you just get the last 12 months.

                  Sometimes if i use google i can find stuff in chowhound easier than chowhound's search.
                  like put something like this in google:
                  chowhound stuffed pepper paprika sour cream

                  edited post:
                  i see you found it, nevermind

                2. re: MidwesternerTT

                  I saw that one also...between that one and another one I found I'm going to try and recreate the one I'm thinking of.

                  Thanks again!

                3. Sorry I can't help but once you get it, copy and paste link, recipe or screenshot, then email it to yourself.

                  I don't bother paying online /cloud storage when I've 6 g mail accounts.


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