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Jun 11, 2013 01:53 PM

Best Steakhouse in Baltimore

Planning a special Father's Day/ Graduation dinner Sunday......and would like reccomendations for Baltimore's Best Steakhouse.......Considering The Prime Rib, Morton's, Ruths Chris. Which one or maybe a hidden gem. Is Sullivan's in that league?

I don't ever remember seeing this on the Baltimore/Washington board.
When I went to Las Vegas there must have been a zillion posts on steakhouses

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I like the Prime Rib for the old school feel but that's only if I'm in the mood for prime rib. They have other things of course, but that's the only reason I'd go there specifically. Morton's and Ruths Chris are standard as they are in any other city. I'd rank Sullivan's below them both.

      1. I think Fleming's is the best of the real hidden gems in the Baltimore area, unfortunately. J&G and Smith and Wollensky are in DC :(

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          Prime Rib for sure.......our family's go to place for big celebrations. They serve great seafood (get the crabcake app) in addition to stellar beef & veal. My favorites are the veal chop and the Gorgonzola NY Strip. The rest are just chains and I have trouble distinquishing one from another.

        2. Prime Rib no contest!!

          1. Yes, the Prime Rib has excellent prime rib and lamb chops--along with the fabulous (but very pricey_ Imperial Crab. IN all of the years I've dined there, have never ordered a steak. If that is what you are yearning-believe it or not, I would venture into the CHAINS. Why do so many Chowhounds hate the CHAINS.? Many offer consistently good food and atmosphere, along with impeccable service.

            As much as I love the Prime Rib ( but mostly for the entrees I previously mentioned)--I would highly recommend Flemings--then Ruths' Chris--followed by Mortons. Each offer their own version of steak. Fleming's--very good. --Ruths Chris--that steak coming from the kitchen sizzling on a very hot plate--steak doused in butter. Morton's--probably the best grade of steak and huge and expensive and worth the cost.

            I've never dined at Sullivan's but have been to Capital Grille--maybe another consideration. Although, I can't recommend the steak as I ordered other items off of the menu.

            You may want to consider non steak options and go for other entrees at restaurants that do offer steak, i.e., Tio Pepe's, Soto Sopra (If you call ahead they will most likely accommodate your steak request). FoiGras