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Jun 11, 2013 01:19 PM

Clevelanders, thanks for the tips

Before my trip to Cleveland I scanned the board for guidance. I only had time for one good dinner and picked Greenhouse Tavern. I was additionaly pleased to find out it was steps away from the Hyatt where I was staying.

Greenhouse is on my list for a return and it made it into my top ten meal list. Since I am from New Orleans most of my list are N.O.places, but it also includes Daniel in NYC and a hole in the wall, Canteen., in San Francisco.

Greenhouse is not "sophisticated" but what great flavors and combinations. Three of us cross tasted so had a wider tasting but all agreed we could come in and order an entree size plate of the stuffed semolina pasta.
Due to our schedule our other Cleveland area meals were pedestrian but we never had anything bad, and the food at a chain, First Watch, was amazing.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed GHT. The chef is a local star. It's nice (though certainly not surprising) when someone from such a foodie city like NOLA has a good experience here! I'm sure we can give you more tips for your next visit.

    1. AWESOME report back. Thank you!