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Jun 11, 2013 12:59 PM

Chocolate cake with cream filling recipe help please!!!

My dad requested a chocolate cake with a cream filling for Father's Day and I am looking for a recipe more for the filling then anything else. I want to use a ganache or chocolate buttercream on the outside, so I was thinking about doing a custard filling, chocolate mousse or other creamy filling. I would really appreciate any advice, recipes that you might want to offer....

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    classic pastry cream recipe. you could add framboise or grand marnier or something for another flavor dimension.

    chocolate mousse on top of chocolate cake and ganache would be too much, imo.

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      I agree with hotoynoodle that chocolate mousse might be too much chocolate if you're doing a ganache frosting. A flavored pastry cream could work, or you could try a white chocolate mousse or whipped cream stabilized with white chocolate or mascarpone cheese. A layer of raspberry puree would help cut all the sweetness/richness.

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        i also like raspberry puree in there. :)

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          Ooh yeah, whipped cream with mascarpone and a raspberry puree sounds terrific in there

      2. Here's an option with a stabilized whipped cream filling.

          1. Chocolate whipped cream - whip cream then fold or beat in ganache, although I've done it with just melted and cooled chocolate. How much choc you use will determine how chocolatey it ends up

            Pastry cream lightened with whipped cream

            1. Thanks everyone for your help! I am going to be doing a chocolate mousse for the filling and ganache frosting. I really appreciate the advice though!!