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Jun 11, 2013 12:43 PM

Looking for Tart cherries in Tampa area

I have been on the look out for tart cherries recently and have had no luck with the finding any in the stores in Clearwater. Does anyone know if any stores around clearwater have them? I would prefer fresh but canned in water works too

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  1. I haven't found them, either. They make such great pies, but I've never found them outside of the Wisconsin, Michigan, northern Illinois, northern Indiana area.

    I heard on National Public Radio recently that 75% of all tart cherries in the United States are grown in the strip of land along the Eastern Lake Michigan shore. (They did not say how far inland the strip went.) Also, NPR said that this year much of the crop was wiped out by a warm period followed by a cold period. The blooms came out early and then the subsequent cold snap frozen them, so the tart cherries never began growing. So, for the cherries that did survive, prices are way up.

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      Yeah that is what I heard too. I was hoping that I could find canned ones but I haven't had much luck on that either. I found some on Amazon but some of the customers reviews were saying that they were from Poland and not all that great. I guess I just have to wait another year until I can try and get them

    2. I have tried to find tart cherries in Tampa, but no luck. My mom lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During my last visit she told me about Traverse Bay Farms in Northern Michigan. I order my directly from them and they ship to me with free shipping. All of their cherries and cherry products are the Michigan Montmorency and not imported from Poland or Turkey.

      1. You can get a 5lb bag of frozen tart cherries at GFS marketplace. There are stores in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Brandon, and Carrollwood. Happy cherry pie! I have seen the canned ones at Publix, but I much prefer the frozen ones.