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Jun 11, 2013 12:41 PM

My wife's parents are here from Mexico, and they want to go to Mandarin... again.... How can I convince them otherwise?

Now I don't want to be a food snob, but GOTDAMN I feel like they're missing so much.

If you were in my shoes.. Where would you be trying to go instead? 4 adults and 5 year old.

Or do I just let them have their day? I mean they like it there, they know what to expect..

But I know what to expect too, and it's a lot of not a lot.

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  1. Ha, yeah, my parents like the mandarin also, it is funny because my dad is pretty picky when it comes to his food. I think the benefit to him is that he can see what he is taking and there are no surprises from the kitchen when they add a sauce or whatever that he wasn't expecting...

    I feel for you but don't have any specific suggestions :)

    1. My partner's parents love Mandarin as well. I can't understand it, but all they eat there is the roast beef.

      1. Baby steps!
        Try and convince them to try Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill on Don Mills Rd, between Eglinton & Lawrence.
        Similar AYCE but you choose the raw ingredients and then have them cook it for you. You can choose prepared sauces or make-your-own.
        At least that would gently wean them from a prepared buffet - and if that works they might trust you for another step up.

        1. Let them have their day.

          If you have an additional opportunity to take them out for eats, introduce another AYCE.

          1. Maybe they are trying to accommodate you?

            Buffet's are good in that there is variety and everyone is bound to find something to their taste.