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Excited to eat in Barcelona but need some advice!

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Hi! I will be in Barcelona for five nights during the first week of July (Tuesday through Sunday). The first two nights will be just myself and my husband and then the remaining three will be a large group of about 12-15 friends. For the first night, I think we are going to try to go to Tickets a little before they open and hope for some cancellations/no shows. The second night, I am thinking of Paco Meralgo. I'm leaning towards Kaiku which is near our hotel for the third night which will be the first night for most of the group. And a food tour with Aborigens on either Friday or Saturday night. That leaves one night to fill. What does anyone think about Llamber or Pla for a big group? Or any other thoughts for a fun and good meal for a group? Or any modifications to this that you think I should make? Many thanks in advance!!

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  1. The Adria brothers now have several places in BCN. Why not check some of those out and see if res are available.


    1. I just checked and 41 degrees (right next door to Tickets) has some availability and their newest place, so far, Pakta, has the whole month open.

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        Thank you! And thank you for checking their websites for me! 41 degrees is booked for the week that we are there but I got us a reservation at Pakta, thank you!!

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          Please report back. It looks so interesting and with Albert there, I know it will be great. We met him at Tickets in November and he's so nice. Seems he's more user-friendly than his brother :)

      2. Forn Antic just off Las Ramblas is amazing!!