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Jun 11, 2013 12:14 PM

Grocery Outlet June 2013

If there's a thread already, I couldn't find it.

Most intriguing/best value:

$3.99 Niman Ranch "heat and eat" entrees, 15 oz. two flavors of meatloaf and pot roast in pomadoro sauce. Keep refrigerated, but use by date of July 13 (


Also, Grocery Outlet usually has a good price on Foster Farms whole chickens ($1.19/lb), and today was their "use or freeze" by date, so they were an additional $2 each off.

In the candy aisle or at the checkstands, half a dozen different Ritter sport bars (including marzipan and milk chocolate with hazelnuts), $1.49.

$1.99 Ben and Jerry's chocolate ice cream. Also various flavors of Wonka, Starbucks, etc. ice creams.

$7.49/lb (pre-weighed pieces, most slightly over $4) Honey Bee goat gouda from Holland ($22/lb on igourmet) I didn't buy any because I splurged on cheese last Tuesday!

$1.49/16 oz. Organic spaghetti "from Tuscany"

Oh, and I didn't realize until after I'd paid that she'd given me the "2nd and 4th Tuesday morning" 10 percent senior discount (which I don't quite qualify for).

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  1. My local (the new one at San Pablo and Macdonald) has Fever Tree Tonic and Sparkling Lemon 4 packs for $2.49. I've already put a couple of cases away for the hot days of summer, this and the re-release of Malacca gin will make them bearable.

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    1. re: Scrapironchef

      The Redwood City store also had the Fever Tree tonic water last night. They had a 4-pack of the 6.8 oz. Mediterranean for $2.49, and a single bottle of the 16.9 oz. Naturally Light for $1.69.

    2. We just ate the Niman bacon/chipotle meatloaf- pretty good!

      Also picked up a 6 pack of Clif Mojo bars- Chocolate Almond Coconut for $3.49 (?- but they're usually at least $1/each).

      This was at Oakland.

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      1. re: kmah

        I tried the bacon bbq sauce meatloaf yesterday and it was pretty good as well, but very dense straight out of the fridge. Actually, that might be good for slicing thinly to make sandwiches, but I was using a plastic knife and it took some hacking.

        1. Petaluma:

          Hagen Daas 5 coffee ice cream, $1.99
          Fever Tree lemon
          San Pellegrino aranciata rosso
          Nina Italian-style crushed tomatoes, 99¢, 28 oz

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            They had the San Pellegrino several weeks ago in Berkeley. There was a dollar off coupon. As usual, I found the red orange lacking when compared to Monterey Market's red orange juice blend. They also had Izze bottles and 4 packs of little cans of grapefruit. None that good.

            1. re: chocolatetartguy

              It's a soda or flavored sparkling water. So yes, it's not going to taste like fresh squeezed blood orange juice since it is only a fraction fruit juice. It does have the bitter component that Italian orange sodas have that is lacking in American products.

            2. re: Melanie Wong

              Thanks for the link about the Nina tomatoes: I was wondering if they were worth buying but didn't take the plunge... hopefully they'll still be there when I go back.

              I did pick up a jar of clotted cream for $1.99 (in Richmond) and it was pretty fantastic slathered on scones. They said the regular price was $7.99, can that really be possible?

              1. re: Mola

                Oh wow, I was just dreaming about clotted cream a couple days ago. Hope I can get my hands on some. Yes, that price sounds right to me. Is it from Devonshire?

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  From Somerdale –

                  It's come through Santa Rosa twice over the past 6 weeks.

                  Comes & goes.

                  Scones and strawberry shortcake.

                  Eat within a week.

                  1. re: Columba

                    I bought some of that at the Oakland GO this week, so I'm happy to hear it's good!

            3. Monterey Blvd, San Jose: Nina crushed tomatoes in tomato puree in stock, 28 oz for 99 cents. Whole seeded watermelons (big ones), $4.99 each. Van Camp's brand canned crab meat in the refrigerator case, $8.99 per 1 lb can (they also have canned crab claw meat for less in the non-refrigerated section). Along with the 2/$1 Haas avocadoes, this is going into California rolls for dinner. Capra brand herb and garlic goat cheese, $2.49 for a 10.5 oz shrink-wrapped log. In the freezer case: Shrink-wrapped frozen wild-caught pink salmon, $2.99 per 12 ounce filet. Wild caught yellowfin tuna, 1 lb shrink-wrapped packages, $7.99 each (4-5 chunks per packet, might be good for kebabs).