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Jun 11, 2013 10:13 AM

Loop or north side location for up to 50 with private room

I'm looking for suggestions for a restaurant (I'm thinking in the Loop or on the north side,but I'm open to other suggestions) for 25-50 people, with a private room that could be used to show a presentation. The budget is not big, $500, so it would have to be something casual like pizza. Any ideas?

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  1. Opentable lists its restaurants with private rooms here, and you can filter by price, location, size, etc:

    For more tips on arranging private parties, see:
    Dinner and Drinks for 40? -

    1. The tortoise club in river north has a beautiful private room, probably a little pricey though worth it. Piece in bucktown takes reservations in their pit area but i dont think they could fit more than 30

      1. I know you said the Loop or North Side but Michael's Hot Dogs in Highland Park does a wonderful party in their shop. Been to several birthday, pre-nup, shower-type parties there and it may well be inside your budget.

        Maybe one of the Lou Malnotis could accomodate your party if you give them enough advance notice. Worth a try.

        1. Midtown Kitchen + Bar right across the street from the State of Illinois Building on Lake has a nice upstairs party room.