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Jun 11, 2013 09:54 AM

Savannah Restaurant Reviews--

I don't normally post on here, but wanted to give a review of the restaurants my hubby and I ate at while in Savannah last week for our 15th wedding anniversary.
Wednesday: The folks where we were staying (Hamilton-Turner Inn) recommended Firefly Cafe for lunch. My hubby and I both had the sandwich special. . . roast beef with wasabi sauce and carmelized onions, with a side of cucumber, tomato and onion salad. Very good. We actually recommended this place to our friends for dinner and they enjoyed it as well.
That night, we at at Noble Fare. We did the 7 course tasting menu with the paired wines. Best meal ever! We were the only ones in the restaurant, so it was very cozy and quiet. Jason was our server and he was very knowledgeable. The amuse buche was a play on lox and bagels with a small drink that had hints of cardamom. First course was the scallop. (I don't remember all of the sauces!). It was perfectly cooked. 2nd course was a tuna tartare with a plantain chip. 3rd course was grouper cheeks. Never had that before, but it was amazing. 4th course (I could be mixing this up) was a cheese course and then a lemon sorbet palate cleanser. Next was pork, and the final meat course was the duck with foie gras. The desserts were the final course and were served with port. I cannot say enough about how great this meal was! Oh, and the bread and dips before the meal . . . . ahhhhhh, so good!
Thursday-we ate lunch at Moon River. Burgers, etc. were okay, but the highlight was the fries with cheese, cilantro, and balsalmic. They were fabulous! Dinner was Jazz'd Tapas Bar. The meal was okay. I really liked the french onion soup. Portions are huge, but it was so loud our party didn't really enjoy the meal. We moved to Circa for after dinner drinks and it looked cozy.
Friday-lunch and dinner at Molly McPherson's. I had the BLT for lunch and the fish and chips for dinner. My hubby and friends had the meatloaf, and they raved about it. Food was good, service was surly.
Saturday--lunch at a place on Tybee that I can't remember the name of. That night, I chose Alure at the last minute. I'm so glad I did! We shared the ceviche special for an appetizer. The ceviche had sashimi grade tuna, red onions, dash of red pepper, oranges, and cilantro (I believe). It was really fresh and good. The chef was trying out a new cornbread recipe. It was good, not great. My hubby had the steak special. Can't remember the sauce, but it was cooked well. I had the shrimp and grits. Cheesy, bacony goodness. I cleaned my plate. We shared the "study in chocolate" for dessert. YUM!
Can't say enough about the fine restaurants. Highly recommend Alure and Noble Fare. Also, recommend the Andaz for a hotel!!!

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  1. Thanks for the reviews. We have also had the tasting menu at Noble Fare and thought it very good.

    It disturbs me to hear that they were empty. Did you go very early or very late?

    1. Our reservation was for 8:45, but we arrived around 8:15. The server told us that they just had a large party of 15 leave, and they had seated everyone else upstairs. So, I think it was a timing issue and, hopefully, not a restaurant issue. I would hate to think that place would go out of business. I can't say enough about how great the meal was.

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        Just checked out their website; I thought one or the other of us might have been confused but I see that the second floor is new since we were last there.

        That's a good sign that they are continuing to do well, I think.