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Jun 11, 2013 08:24 AM

good source for muesli (at a fair price!)

I've had it with the ridiculous prices for muesli at Whole Foods and Harvest. plus or minus $5 a pound for what is essentially oats.

IS anyone aware of other sources for quality product? I'd be happy to buy in bulk for a better price and as much as I would like to buy local, I would consider mail order.

Thanks for any input you can offer

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  1. Make your own.
    Read the ingredients of one you like and then buy the ingredients and combine.

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    1. re: cassis

      Already looking into it. thanks...

    2. Do check out the muesli at Swissbakers in Allston for an example of how to make a good one. They grate the apples rather than cutting them into chunks. Of course, the fun of making your own is to add your own ingredients.


      1. I like Bob's Red Mill - I'm sure they have a web site that you could find some place close to you that sells their line.

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        1. re: tomatoaday

          In 6 box lots Amazon sells (shipping extra)
          Familia for $.24/oz; $3.84/lb
          Alpen for $.31/oz; $4.96/lb
          Bobs for $.18/oz; $2.88/lb

          While the raw rolled oats are the cheapest ingredient (about $1/lb), these also have nuts ($5/lb or more) and dried fruit.

          for definitions and history.

          1. re: paulj

            Yes, I've bought the 6-box lots of Familia muesli, which is my favorite.

          2. re: tomatoaday

            I can get Bob's Red Mill at my local Market Basket...