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Jun 11, 2013 08:16 AM

Cool/Trendy but semi-casual places to eat in Atlanta?

What are some good trendy (sorry, hate the word trendy, but not sure what other word to use), but still semi casual restaurants in Atlanta that are really good? I'll be in town for a night and am going to dinner with friends. They live in the Inman Park/Virginia Highlands and Brookhaven (? i think?) areas. I've been to Fox Bros, Two Urban Licks, Mosaic, JCT Kitchen, Vortex, and something new and I'm open to really any type of food. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. ilike Bistro Niko in Buckhead ask for a table in parlor not the bar,its a little quieter--

    1. Just went to Seven Lamps right by Lenox Mall in Buckhead a week ago - had some amazing mussels with slivers of jalepeno and sausage (and all the bread I could eat to soak up the sauce!), a really great grilled asparagus salad, and just lots of fun medium-sized plates to try. Two of us had 5 plates + dessert and were bursting at the seams, so portions were more than I expected for "small plates". The coctail I had was great too - they sous vide 2 options, so I tried the Thai-tini and it really complimented the food. We even made a reservation same-day for 7:00 on Saturday, so it seems they're not totally exposed to the scene yet. But jeans would be perfect here and the food is fun, plus most seating communal so you could easily chat with other diners, if desired. This is a new favorite for me!

      1. The Optimist

        Gunshow (new with cool concept)

        1. Lure on Crescent Ave. in Midtown. Amazing drinks and casual seafood (read: not as pricey as Optimist). Try to get a table on the patio.

          Rathbun's new restaurant in Peachtree Hills - KR Steakbar. Loud, though, because of the industrial steel surfaces; and because it is always packed.