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Jun 11, 2013 07:42 AM

Westport MA/ Tiverton RI Recommendations

Anyone recommend either Back Eddy or the Boathouse? We have a group of six adults for dinner? I have not been to Back Eddy in years and want to hear about their food. And I have never been to the Boathouse but have heard good things.

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  1. Back Eddy is still awesome, we were there last month. You'll find more about both these places (and more!) on the Southern New England board here.

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      Can you send me link to past discussions? THANKS.

    2. When in Westport, I went to Cork in New Bedford and had a wonderful dinner of small plates.

      1. The Back Eddy, while not outstanding, is very nice and a fun place to be on a warm summer's evening. It certainly is the best place to eat dinner in Westport. Note that it can get crowded, and waits for a table can last 30 minutes or so (in which case your best bet is wait on the dock attached to the restaurant where there is a nice bar to get drinks). Service is usually friendly, if a bit inefficeint. The fish and BBQ are the best items at the Back Eddy. FYI - the Back Eddy is not great for vegetarians, as there are no vegetarian main dishes.
        The best place to eat in Tiverton, in my opinion, is a lobster shack of a place called Evelyn's. It is right on the water. Try their lobster roll and then get some of the best ice cream in New England at the nearby Gray's store.