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Jun 11, 2013 07:39 AM

Are you living "your best life"?

If not, perhaps you need premium water.

This is just too funny:

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  1. What a bunch of pandering to vain, shallow people. Puhleeze.

    1. I guess I must be, that promo is really dumb.

      1. This video demands an SNL spoof. (Though I had to go back in the middle of it to check that this video itself was not the spoof!)

        1. I thought this belonged to Perrier. Isn't this the same company that advertises breast feeding as low class and their formula is iconic of the upper classes?? Use to, maybe still do, give enough free formula for the mother to dry up. Was/is prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa.

          One generation gets Virginia Slims, another gets Resource.

          1. I used to drink water like that back in the 70's which had the same effect on me that the video had on the woman. Of course, my water was laced with LSD. I'd check the ingredients of that "water" before drinking any.