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Jun 11, 2013 06:48 AM

Seasons 52

Anyone hear of it? American Express sent us a coupon for $25 off.

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  1. It's a chain and part of the Darden group. It focuses on healthy lower calorie dishes. I am personally not a fan. I think the prices are on the high side for what you get. I haven't been to the KOP location. I didn't like anything about the Cherry Hill location and the West Palm Beach location was *okay*.

    1. Pricey with low calorie (ie small )portions. Its OK, not great.

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        I have been to KoP about a half dozen times. Waits can be long, so book a table on open table. I don't find it bad for lunch. Not a fan during dinner. Eating at the bar is not a bad experience. If you travel o Florida, they are down there and have much nicer fish on the menu. Laban wrote up Cherry Hill a while ago and did not have flattering things to say about it.

      2. The KOP one is good, especially if you get one of their flatbreads or grilled fish (tried the salmon and trout).

        1. I've been to the King of Prussia mall location dozens of times, mostly at the bar (colleagues like it for afterwork drinks).

          The food is definitely better than your average chain, and it's one of the better places to eat if you happen to be shopping at the mall (it is located in a separate building across the street from the mall parking building outside Nordstrom's). Stylish decor (a bit incongruous with the low calorie focus it seems to me), but often crowded.

          But I wouldn't go out of my way to eat their either, even with a $25 coupon.

          1. It's decent but hardly a destination restaurant. I like it as a business traveler that I can eat reasonably healthy at the bar while in a bustling atmosphere. Perfect for that Tuesday night when I'm staying out in KOP.