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Jun 11, 2013 06:26 AM

casual but good lunch spot off I-81 North? around West Va or Md. state lines.

i'll be driving from Charlotte to NYC on a Friday, looking for a decent place to grab lunch. i expect to hit the West Virginia state line around 12pm or so... not looking for fast food but rather a local place, something w good sandwiches or bbq? don't want to go too far outta my way, 15 min from interstate would be fine.

any ideas? i've done the drive a bunch of times and the best i can find is ChikfilA or Panera, would love to find a local dive!

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  1. Might be too early in the trip for you, but Hello Neighbor in Strasburg, VA has good food and a fun, small town feel.

    Also, if you search this board for "81", you'll find some existing threads that may be of help, such as: