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fat tortillas

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does anyone know anything about really thick tortillas and where i might be able to get some(preferably in austin or dallas)? a friend swears he got some in texas, maybe a pack of six, that were maybe 3"-4" in total thickness.

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  1. Corn or flour?

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      not sure -- flour, i think. and he said they were hand-tossed.

    2. For fat (thick) corn tortillas goto Angie's in Austin. Thick flour tortillas sound kind of bad in principle...but for good flour tortillas--goto Joe's Bakery in Austin.

      1. Gonzalez in Dallas on Jefferson Ave. has really thick flour tortillas that are like savory pancakes. El Ranchito, also on Jefferson, has amazing corn tortillas. Both are in the Oak Cliff neighborhood.

        1. There is also a Gonzalez on Bruton Rd (in SE Dallas). They have the same thick tortillas that are nearly a meal in themselves.

          1. Yep you are thinking of the fat Corn Tortilla, I have never heard of flour. There are many places that make these. Most of the taco places that make their own can and do make these.

            1. Good tortillas don't travel well. Buy one bag of Maseca and one bag of White Wings-- corn and flour tortilla mix-- and a tortilla press. Make them yourself and find out it's actually pretty easy and you can make them as thick as you want. However, when you get into the 3-4" thick range I think you may be talking about gorditas, which are fat masa cakes the size of a tortilla which are stuffed. You can buy gorditas in the store, usually in the fridge case, but they are going to be pretty rank. Better you make your own or go to a local taqueria.

              1. Once again, if you want genuine Tex-Mex, San Antonio is not just the place, it is the only place.

                As has been accurately pointed out, what you are talking about is a Gordita, which is Spanish for fat, bueno?

                They are about the diameter of an small outstretched human hand. The filling possibilities are endless. Two is a meal.

                A new place called Gordita Dona Tota (210) 375-8200 has opened up in north San Antonio. They are a well known chain out of Mexico. All they make are gorditas.

                Like a dope, I just tried calling over there to see if they shipped out of town. Trust me, at this time of day, the line is out the door, and nobody is going to answer the phone.

                The local newspaper recently did a feature on them, and the photograph of the people in line showed no one who weighed less than 200 pounds.

                Most Tex-Mex restaurants in San Antonio have gorditas on their menu, and there are over 300 Tex-Mex places in SA. Good luck.

                1. I've been trying to find some fat hand pressed corn tortillas in San Antonio lately.
                  Can't say I've searched high and low, but I have been keeping my ears open.
                  I used to get some at the neighborhood Tortilleria back home in California, but have never found an equivalent here just yet.
                  If anyone knows... Please pass it on.