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Jun 11, 2013 03:22 AM

Philadelphia Airport for Breakfast

I have an upcoming long layover in the Philadelphia airport during which time I will want breakfast. Are there any specific recommendations in the airport for a decent breakfast? Or good places opened during the breakfast hours even if they don't serve breakfast food?

For the exact flight I'm taking, bringing food with me for this meal isn't a wonderful option.

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  1. What airline are you flying? Different terminals have different options.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      US Airways - flying in on an international flight and flying out on a domestic flight if that matters. The layover will be just under 5 hours during the exciting hours of 5am-10am.

      1. re: cresyd

        Well, that means you are probably going to have to clear customs, and most likely go back through security. You will be coming in at Terminal A, and flying out from either B, C, or possibly even F. It can take you as long as 1 hour to clear customs and collect your baggage, and then you may potentially have to go through security again which depending on the time could take you another 30 minutes.

        Given the time of day, you will find restaurants that serve breakfast but nothing really to write home about. In terminals B&C Jet Rock Cafe, Chickee and Petes and Vino Vollo all serve basic breakfast. There is a food court between B&C that has a series of fast food places that will serve things like egg sandwiches.

        Personally I would probably get something at Au Bon Pain which is at one end of terminal C (they have sandwiches, decent pastries, yogurt, juice, and drinkable coffee) and just sit in the food court or elsewhere in the airport. This might be one of the times to consider getting a 1 day pass to the US Airways lounge. It is located between Terminals B &C upstairs above the whole terminal. It is comfortable, has wireless, televiisions, complimentary coffee, juice, pastries, fruit and yogurt during the breakfast hours.

        Here is a recent article on eating in the Philadelphia Airport.

        1. re: cwdonald

          Thanks so much - yeah take the international element into consideration I'm sure means that 5 hours won't translate to '5 hours to eat a meal'. Unfortunately this is just one of those cases were making the best of what's in the airport is just necessary.

    2. Eat at Joes at the end of B terminal does a good real breakfast, but has no place to sit.

      1. Au Bon Pain and the place right outside which serves La Columbe coffee both have decent breakfast sandwiches.

        Depending on the time of the day, the Legal Seafood for a lobster roll may not be a bad option either

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        1. re: percyn

          I would try Legal Seafood, which is in the B/C connector. They open at 5:30AM and serve breakfast.

          But I would go for oysters from their raw bar, and some sparkling wine (not sure what time they start serving oysters).

          I also like their clam chowder (even for breakfast!).

          FWIW, Legal Seafood in Boston's Logan Airport just made a list of the Top 31 airport restaurants in the world (the only one on the list I've eaten at):

          1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

            That would be great if they actually had seafood options aside from bagel with lox at that hour.

            1. re: cresyd

              According to their website, there is an "All Day Menu" that includes seafood options...


              1. re: Philly Ray

                Yes but that is after the breakfast menu which is 5-10 am which does not include seafood.