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Top Chef Canada, Season 3, Episode 13 (FINALE)

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Quickfire: The final three have to execute a food truck concept with two items. They draw knives to choose sous chefs from Nicole, Chris S. and Geoff. Danny gets Geoff and they decide to do a grilled cheese truck. Matt and Nicole do a Tex-Mex truck. Jonathan and Chris decide to do Mexican. And it's a high-stakes quickfire. The loser will be eliminated.
Matt, Jon and Danny have one dish the judges like and one dish that they didn't like as much.
And Jonathan is done.

Elimination: The chefs must serve a 5-course meal that represents who they are as chefs. One of the courses must represent the host city of Calgary. Danny and Matt arrive at Rush Restaurant and Bar. They draw knives to choose their sous chefs. Danny draws Season 1 winner Dale MacKay. Matthew gets Season 2 winner Carl Heinrich. The guest judge is Season 1 finalist Connie Desousa of Charcut. The guest diners are Jann Arden and Lance Hurtubise, owner of their host restaurant, Rush.

Matt's menu:
Amuse bouche - Poached oyster and caviar with cucumber and creme fraiche
Second course - Roasted beet salad with trio of beets, chèvre, apple and black truffle vinaigrette
Third course - Roasted halibut tail chowder with clams, bacon, fingerling potatoes in a clam and parsley jus
Fourth course - Sous vide lamb loin with braised lamb neck, chickpea purée and black olive lamb jus
Dessert - Deconstructed S'mores - palets of chocolate, graham cracker and cocoa nib soil, crispy rosemary, graham cracker ice cream and torched marshmallow

Danny's menu:
Amuse bouche - Snow crab kimchi on a fried rice cake
Second course - Beef tartare with parmesan, olives and bone marrow dressing with chicharron
Third course - Maple bacon dashi with lingcod and Manila clams
Fourth course - Sous vide lamb loin in za'atar and tahini with potatoes, rapini and pickled lamb hearts
Dessert - Brioche pain perdu with foie gras ice cream, almond chili brittle and maple dressing

The judges discuss and deliberate. And Matthew is Canada's Top Chef!

First of all, a great effort from both Danny and Matthew. Both meals looked delicious. And congratulations to Matthew for the win.

I generally agreed with the judging but I found McEwan going on about Matt's dish not being a chowder, really annoying. If there's potatoes, bacon and cream, it's a chowder to me. And who cares if it's a traditional chowder - everybody agreed it was delicious.

I agree that Danny's amuse seemed to be the better first course and it would have been the one I would have chosen off a menu.
Both second courses were well received, so it's hard to say who took the course.
For the third course, despite the quibbling over the "chowder", I think Matt took the round. Partially because Danny's cod was underseasoned but maybe also because Matt's was so beautiful. I couldn't hear exactly what Dale said but I thought he said something about the seasoning of the fish?
The editing seemed to suggest that Danny won the battle of the sous vide lamb loins. Though Jann Arden doesn't get a vote. But Connie agreed with her and she does have a vote.
Again, dessert appears to be a tie. Both were well received by the judges. I thought both desserts looked amazing but the crispy rosemary won me over to Matt's side. Also the torched marshmallow. Though I was also quite excited by Danny's foie gras ice cream.

Maybe it's just me but I feel like the editing could have been better. I felt like the judges' comments were so abbreviated at Judges' Table. There wasn't enough discussion of the specifics of each dish. It was almost like they were only allowed to say one thing about each dish.

I agreed with McEwan's comment that Danny's dishes were some of his best work so far. The tartare presentation was gorgeous. And serving it on a pork rind instead of a crouton - brilliant! I though his dessert felt like something they would serve at Au Pied du Cochon. I wish I could taste the foie ice cream.

I was pretty enthused about Matt's entire meal. It all looked so beautiful. I was particularly impressed by Matt's beet salad. He definitely under-promised and over-delivered. That looked like a really sophisticated take on a beet salad. When I heard that he was serving a beet salad, I thought, no - don't do a salad - too basic. But that was definitely not basic.

I would have been ok with either chef winning. Both were very likeable and obviously skilled. So a good ending to the season for me. And Matt's baby is so adorable.

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  1. Sad to see Jonathon go on a food truck challenge. I adored his good-natured snootiness.

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    1. re: Firegoat

      Eh, I actually think it was fitting to have him leave on a lowbrow challenge. :)

    2. I was rooting for Danny but knew Matt would take it. Both chefs presented amazing meals - I would have loved to eat both

      I thought it was interesting how similar Matt's amuse was to the dish that got Nicole eliminated! Didn't they go on and on about how creme fraiche w/ oysters was odd on her rendition? Thought it was funny that they didn't mention it all here

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      1. re: tygrr_lily

        I think that Nicole's problem with that dish is that she was supposed to highlight caviar. And she failed to highlight the caviar by not using enough caviar and by matching the caviar with an oyster that would also have a fish/salty taste. My take on their "this is odd" was more directed to the fact that her choices didn't meet the challenge and that she got the ratios wrong.

        That being said, it didn't appear as though Matt's oyster dish was the judges favorite dish as it was.

      2. Well chefhound another great season for your updates - thanks!

        I'm satisfied with the selection - I thought Danny's menu was riskier, but in total Matt had performed better over the entire Season.

        Overall the season was - meh - too many contrived outdoor events. But considering the show's consistently high ratings I don't think we'll see much deviance in future seasons.