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Ham Ham Ham

Where is the best ham in Montreal? Just ham, plain old fashioned ham. Honey ham or black forest, too. I'd like to be able to buy it in slices.

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  1. There are so many kinds of "plain, old-fashioned ham". You might want to try Boucherie Atlantique in Côte-des-Neiges.

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      Yep, I want everyone's thoughts on the best/near-the-best. I'm making a list (ham Santa style) and Boucherie Atlantique is going on it, thanks. :)

    2. Give Porc Meilleur @ JTM a try. Nice texture and flavour. Don't know if it's "the best" but it's very good.

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        I've bought pork from here before (mince, chops etc.) and it has always been very good, so onto the ham list it goes. May even get there today/tomorrow.

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          Porc Meilleur, Hamel and Saveurs du Québec are my go to places.

      2. Available at lot of places, I like the Premiere Moisson

        1. Not a quality indicator, but this "La Presse" article lists a few ham with lower nitrite

          to take with a grain of salt (pun intended)


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            Jambon blanc des Viandes biologiques de Charlevoix: 7,1 ppm - This organic ham is indeed very good, among those one can find (sliced) in some supermarkets and food shops. I've seen it at the big Intermarché on Mont-Royal, corner Boyer, in the Plateau. They have a website with "points de vente", so you can find them at the location closest to the neighbourhood or suburb where you live: http://www.viandesbiocharlevoix.com/

            I didn't mention PorcMeilleur as I didn't know if they did sliced ham, but all their products are good, and not overspiced if you are looking for "plain, old-fashioned ham".

          2. I order a full, bone-in smoked ham from Quebec Smoked Meat every Thanksgiving. Huge, pink, not too salty, authentic smoked flavor, not wet and gross. I usually ask them to cut the ham in two and freeze half because they weight 18-20 lbs. The best. 889, rue du Centre, Montréal, QC H3K 1J1 514-935-5297

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              Thanks - nailed it - I am very much trying to avoid the 'wet and gross' part of it.

            2. My top recomendation is Felix Mish at 1903 Jolicoeur in Ville Emard.This is a family business handed down from Father to Son.They smoke all their own meats and believe me they are the best.Sliced you can have a couple types of Ham.Smoked Meat and Smoked Pork as well as their wonderful Kielbasa.Five mins from downtown and worth the travel.

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                Excellent -- been going there for years -- make a good sandwich too

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                  Thanks everyone, I am going to work my way through these recs. I got some ham from La Vieille Europe a couple of days ago - it was OK (not wet and gross) but it still wasn't quite what I'm looking for. Their bratwurst is good, tho.

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                    There is a very good, old country and old fashioned, Hungarian butcher shop a bit south of La Vieille Europe that has a lot of fans on this site, Charcuterie Fairmount, though it is quite a bit south of the street by that name.
                    3833, Boul. Saint-Laurent
                    Montreal, QC H2W 1X9
                    (514) 288-8046

                    I've never bought ham from them, but any charcuterie I've had from there has been very good, and NEVER wet and gross (that reminds me of that horrible "jambon cuit" that is often a loss leader at an impossibly cheap price].

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                      I actually went there last time somebody rec'ed it to me on here and just asked them to put together $25 of their charcuterie and it was DAMN good. All of it, a lot of which I did not recognize, just tasty as hell. And no, not wet or gross at all. I'll check them out for plain ol' ham.

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                        Ive never though of asking for that but it sounds like a great idea

                2. They carry a really nice Italian herb-covered ham at Fromagerie Atwater. The ham itself is nice, not too salty, not wet, and the herbs on the outside add a nice touch. It's my go-to basic ham at the moment.