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Jun 10, 2013 08:54 PM

Top Chef Canada Finale

Matthew won, which was my prediction from the first episode before he even cooked anything since he fits the profile of the previous winners.

I was waiting for Lisa or Shereen to try eating all of the salt on Danny's tartare dish and say it was way over-seasoned. So Danny lost despite having better dishes in most rounds because his soup was too tepid?

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  1. Completely agree with you, AASG.

    Top Chef Canada: Teaching the youth of tomorrow that mediocrity will always trump creativity.

    Didn't Nicole get eliminated for a caviar/cremefraiche/oyster combo?

    1. Giving the judges the benefit of the doubt that in this case Stowe had the overall better meal - I am always stumped by the Top Chef editting that makes the viewer really question the ultimate winner. Based on the viewing of this episode (and other Top Chef finales), I'm surprised that Matthew won.

      I understand that with all the finale editting they don't want it to appear like a blow out for suspense and all of that - but making it a total shock isn't good either. As a viewer, I want to understand why the winner won more than I want to be surprised by who wins.

      1. Finally got a chance to watch the last few episodes this week, couldn't agree more with the comments here... I thought Danny had it in the bag based on commentary and editing.

        Quite a shame that they again went with a skilled but dull chef and left creativity/imagination in the gutter. I hope next year's cheftestants are taking note of the mediocrity requirement and to leave anything new/fun/creative at home in their work kitchens.

        Off to start accumulating the Masterchef Australia episodes so I can get my fix of decent competion cooking shows.

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          Meanwhile, I'd already forgotten who won until you revived this thread. Shows how much of an impression the winner - and the show - made.