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Jun 10, 2013 08:49 PM


Where can I get fresh, whole ducks in Austin? I've become convinced that I cannot re-create my Wok-n-Roll experiences unless I go out on my own. My HEB sells a certain farm of frozen duck for about $30. Can't remember the name, but I've seen that name on restaurant menus.

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  1. Go to the farmer's market at Lakeline on Saturday or Mueller on Sunday. A couple of people there sell duck I believe, just go early.

    1. Central Market sells fresh ducks from Maple Leaf Farms only during the holidays for $5/lb, otherwise sold frozen (or thawed). Same brand also available at many HEB's. They're about $18/pop for the frozen ones.

      Mt Super sells generic frozen ducks, 3 brands, for slightly less than HEB - $12 or $15/pop. One size fits all.

      Maybe you're thinking of Muscovy duck. A breed rather than a brand.


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        Oh, I was thinking of Maple Leaf farms......thanks for jogging my memory. They were out at my HEB last night, but I seem to remember them costing about $25 (the damn geese are about $70!). I wonder what conditions in which the MT ducks are raised? At least Maple Leaf has this program in writing:

        I'd like to know that my ducks are happy before they are axed!

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          My last Maple Leaf farms duck was much too lean. I wrote them about it and then refunded me $20 on an $18 duck *and* sent me a new duck. Unfortunately the new duck was just as dry and lean as the original duck, and missing both wings. It's been a while since I've bought ducks at MT Supermarket but the "Quack on a Rack" has treated me well with thick fatty skin that stands up to slow smoking pretty good. Not so much the Maple Leaf birds (I will never smoke any of those again - waste of time and smoke).

          1. re: sqwertz

            sqwetz, I know what you mean. I do like leaner chickens as one would find on a farm, running around and pecking. Wild ducks bagged with a rifle and a labrador retreiver are fine, too. Sounds like I'll like the price and the fat content of the MT ducks over the lean and mean Maple Leaf.

            I plan on roasting, cutting, and then flash frying the pieces. I hear that red fermented tofu is what gives the chinese ducks that red color, but that some just use red food color. I'll have to do more investigation.

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              Preserved tofu rubbed duck is considered a different dish than the Cantonese char siu-style ducks. The bean curd can also be used on spare ribs.

      2. Countryside Farm sells duck. Perhaps call ahead and find out if they plan to sell any at the Farmers Markets this week? They go to the Downtown and Cedar Park markets on Sat and Mueller on Sun.

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          Hey - thanks for the head's up! I looked them up online, and found this list of where they will be. I was already planning on hitting up Mueller on Sunday.

        2. I think the grocery store up in china town (MT?) has whole duck

          1. countryside farms.. sebastine