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Jun 10, 2013 08:42 PM

Finally- tortilla chips like I remember

DH went to a carniceria on the way home from work, and brought home a bag of tortilla chips that took me clear back to my childhood and shortly thereafter. They were pretty greasy, BUT they were nice and salty and freshly fried locally made corn tortillas, and I think there was at least some lard in the frying oil. Nirvana, even if it does a number on my blood lipid levels, and they're okay so far. Once every few years is worth the satisfaction. I'm so happy to have a taste of the tortilla chips of my youth!

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    1. re: Claudette

      Yes. He said it's near 22nd and Craycroft, not El Molinito, though. I have to do some looking around.
      I did find this on a Google search-

      Mercad Y Carniceria El
      4211 E 22nd St
      (520) 881-3715

      From the address, it sounds like mrbigshotno.1's carniceria. One of my favorites, because it's literally on the way home from work, is Carniceria del Noria, on Pima, a couple of blocks west of Craycroft. They get great marks from the county health department, too.

    2. Tell ya what guy's, If these ever get down to Tucson they will blow your socks off. They are a small company out of Oregon but are expanding rapidly, not taking away from the great chips you get in Tucson but these are the best mass produced chips I've ever ate.

      P.S. That Carniseria across the street from Fry's on 22nd & Alvernon is my fave, very close to home and loaded with good stuff.