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Jun 10, 2013 08:40 PM

Recommendations for Aurora Denver CO area restaurants

Hi fellow Chowhounders.

I find myself traveling to Denver on Friday or more accurately, I'll be staying north east of the city, near the airport and Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

It appears the nearest major city is Aurora, and Denver downtown is a bit of a drive.

I live in Seattle and so we get lots of great Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and so forth here... but that also means I love those foods LOL.

Any suggestions for restaurants not to be missed in the Aurora, airport, Dick's Sporting Goods Park area?

I am particularly interested in people making family recipes and notable local specialties.

Seattle is a bit of a barbeque wasteland, so if there's any great BBQ, I'm always up for that. I'm also always up for a really solid hearty quality breakfast... and good doughnuts.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I did some searches on the Chow boards and it was a real mess, 99% of the suggestions were downtown, and while that might work for one evening, it's more likely that we'll have weird little patches of two to four hours open at various points, and so it's hard to plan that drive.

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  1. OK, so apparently the area I've described is a bit of a culinary wasteland. I did find a few things that people suggested, and was wondering if anyone might provide feedback on this list.

    Thai Street Food
    Einstein Bros Bagels
    Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt
    Wahoo's Fish Taco
    El Viva Villa
    Butcher Block Cafe
    El Jardin
    La Casa Del Rey

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      Scratch Einstein Bros and Wahoo's from the list unless you like chains.

      Aurora is really spread out, by the way, so it might be just as easy to take I-70 into Denver as opposed to wading through stoplights and speed traps.

      1. re: rlm

        Yeah, I may be coming at this whole thing all wrong, in that here in Seattle, you'd have to have your head examined to drive downtown for dinner on a weekend... it's generally best (and totally reasonable) to stay in the quadrant you are in, which is fine because there's tons of great food everywhere.

        I get the sense that Denver freeways are not congested permanently during daylight hours...

        1. re: rramstad

          Metro Denver weekday rush hours are brutal, off hours and weekends are OK. The road from the airport to Aurora always moves well.

          1. re: rramstad

            225 from basically 6th Ave south is brutal pretty much any time of day. They're doing a lot of construction there and each side is down to 2 lanes. I get to drive it daily, and I've always ran into traffic at all various times of day. It's not as bad at night.

            Downtown Denver is really not that far from the Dick's Sporting Goods Park area. I live north and east of there (up near where 76 and 470 cross) and it only takes us about 20 minutes to get downtown after 6pm taking 76 to 25, so I would assume about the same or even less from where you'll be, as long as you're not going between like 4 and 6. You might also look into places in the Stapleton area (just south of I-70 directly south of Dick's)... most of what's around there is chains but there's some local stuff too, and that would be very close to you.

            There's some local restaurants and bars on Colfax east of Colorado Ave, which wouldn't be too far of a drive for you either, just going straight down Colorado. There's lots of lights but it usually goes pretty quickly. Lots of music venues in that area too. I can't give specific recommendations as I've only eaten there once at Mezcal. It was good but not the best mexican food I've ever had and the service was dismal. A lot of people seem to like Pinche Taqueria that is at York and Colfax (they have a couple locations), and I've heard great things about Denver Biscuit Company at Colfax and Adams... it's only breakfast and lunch which is why I haven't been there yet.

      2. A friend of mine put together this guide to independent eats in Aurora:

        1. In Aurora, best Mexican is La Cueva on Colfax, best steak house is the Summit on Havana.