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Jun 10, 2013 08:19 PM

Yorkshire recommendations

I will be in Yorkshire in July and would appreciated some recommendations near Saltburn, Scarborough, Keighley, Skipton, and Whitby. No restrictions on type of food, but recs for restaurants with charm/character would be especially nice.


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  1. The only place I can personally recommend is The Magpie in Whitby. They have a huge menu of fish dishes and are famous for their fish and chips, although other places in Whitby are also supposed to do that nicely as well. Green's also gets a mention from The Good Food Guide.

    I can only send some names via that book. There's nothing mentioned for Saltburn and in Scarborough the only mention is for The Lantern (Italian). The pick for Skipton is Le Caveau.

    1. Jay Rayner gave a very good review to the Talbot Hotel in Malton on Sunday. I think it's about 20 miles from Scarborough, so depends if you have transport and are willing to travel.
      I've not been but the menu looks good.
      Review below if you're interested.

      1. Will you be touring round in a car? If so, while there aren't loads of places on the NE coast and the N York Moors, there are a few places worth a detour or en route between locations.

        The White Swan in Pickering is a gastro pub-type place and is lovely. I haven't been for many years, but it still gets good reviews.

        The Star Inn at Harome, near Helmsley was the first pub in Britain to get a Michelin star. Never been, but have always wanted to.

        The Bull at Broughton is one of the Northcote Manor pubs, and all their places are good - traditional, quality British food from Yorkshire and the Northwest.

        The Angel at Hetton - really lovely place in the Dales, and has served excellent food for years.

        There are others a bit further afield - in the Dales and Lancashire - but they may be too far.

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          The Star is good as its sister pub in the village (can't recall the name), also The Black Swan near Helmsley. The Yorke Arms over at Pately Bridge is loved by many (I thought it was a bit stiff and formal). But the Pipe & Glass near Beverly would be top of my list - not been but seems to be the new "Star".

          Good advice from Theresa regarding transport. I would go further and suggest identifying the places with the best food and trying to stay close to them - many are pubs with rooms or near small towns with country hotels. Yorkshire is a big place with some great food but the main tourist towns are full of tourist restaurants with much of the best eating out of town better to visit the sights during the day and stay near great food.

        2. Thanks for your suggestions! I do have a car and go around the countryside a bit.

          1. Feversham Arms at Helmsley - but only if you can't get into the Star at Harome