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Jun 10, 2013 05:53 PM

Yuba, beancurd or tofu skin... where can you get it in Toronto?

I am going to try to make some mock meat and need yuba, skin made from the top of soy milk.
Where can I get fresh and/or dry?

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  1. I feel like they might have this at King's Cafe on Augusta in Kensington Market. They're a vegan Chinese place and they have a small shop in the back where they sell a lot of mock meat stuff.

    1. ALL Chinese emporiums and grocery stores carry them. If in doubt try T&T

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        You would think "all", but on Sunday I went to 5 "natural foods" places in Bloor West and none of them had them. Thought they would be everywhere, but not so far.
        And I don't want the ready "mock meat", I am looking for stuff that you make mock meat from, which is the yuba, beancurd skin.
        Maybe the question I should be asking is where is the best selection of vegetarian products?

        1. re: ilinda

          I should have been more clear that I don't mean prepared mock meat. They have a lot of dried bean curds and similar ingredients so you can make their type of food at home.

          1. re: Sagesse

            OK, thanks for that clarification. I'll give it a try!

          2. re: ilinda

            I think you missed Charles' point -- he said all Chinese grocery stores. Not the heath stores you went to.

            1. re: TorontoJo

              Good point! Thinking vegetarian, i thought they would have it. Will go to PAT and/or T&T today.

              1. re: TorontoJo

                Thank you TorontoJo for clarifying on my behalf!
                However, if the OP is seeking ' non-GMO' soya bean products, then may be a visit to stores like Whole Foods or Ambrosia is the way to go?

          3. Lucky Moose, T&T, probably PAT, most small asian stores in china town should have what you need.

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            1. re: TeRReT

              Well, not at PAT. Two shopkeepers and a long slow walk through the store could not uncover it. On to T&T tomorrow.

            2. Any grocery store on Spadina.

              1. T&T down on cherry has it. I have purchased it there. It maybe called yuba or simply soy sheets.

                If you are industrious it is also easy to make at home. You just pour a half of a centimeter deep amount of soy milk in a large fry pan and scald it. You'll see the layer form on the top. Wait for it to thicken enough that you can carefully lift it off. Repeat the process until there is not enough soy milk left in the pan to form a decent layer.

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                1. re: GrahamChubb

                  Thanks for this info. Not so industrious as hosting a party that day, vegetarian dishes only. Probably won't have time while setting up and making my dish, mock duck. But sounds like a fun project another day.

                  1. re: GrahamChubb

                    GrahamChubb, did you buy fresh or dried?

                    1. re: ilinda

                      It was fresh in the refrigerated tofu section on the left hand side of the store. Good luck with the party!

                      1. re: ilinda

                        For some reason, the fresh kind is tougher than reconstitured dried sheets. So for using as a wrapper, fresh is better, but for making mock meat I would suggest the dried,

                        Here is how I reconstitute the dried stuff - cut an opening in the plastic package, and pour in some fresh water. Swish it around and wait a minute, then pour off the excess and let it sit. If you soak the whole thing in water it may become too soft.

                        You won't find it called "yuba" in Chinese groceries because that's the Japanese name.

                        1. re: Teep

                          Thanks a tonne for this info. Very helpful!!!!

                          1. re: ilinda

                            BTW, in the end I went to T&T, and had a very helpful employee take me to both the dried version and the fresh version in the freezer. I chose fresh-frozen and the sheets were large and plentiful, had lots left over, enough for at least triple or quadruple the recipe.
                            The mock duck turned out great as well and my guests were impressed. The texture was very meat-like. If anyone is interested here is the recipe for Bryanna’s Buddha’s Roast Duck: