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Jun 10, 2013 05:29 PM

Las Vegas 2 days, 1 night - 3 or 4 meals

We're going to Vegas in a few weeks just for a one-night getaway. We're landing early in the morning so we have lunch and dinner open on Sat. and brunch (or breakfast and lunch) on Sunday. What does everyone recommend? Is the Bacchanal brunch at Caesar's worth it? More importantly, where do we go for Sat. night.? Checked out Rubouchon and Savoy, but I can't stomach over $100 for an entree. All help is greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. Can you provide a bit more information regarding preferences, locations, etc. Where are you staying? Will you have a rental car? What are your dining preferences for dinner? If Savoy and Rubouchon are too pricey have you considered Le Cirque, Picasso and others in this price range?

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      Sure and thanks! We are staying at the new Nobu hotel at Caesars Palace. We won't have a car, but can easily take a cab. Didn't know about Le Cirque, Picasso but I will check them out.

    2. Breakfast at Bouchon..
      Lunch at Lotus of Siam.
      Dinner at Delmonico's , Charlie Palmers ' Cut of the week', Country Club at the Wynn.

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        Alas, Lotus of Siam is closed for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

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          Bummer! I had heard it was great and was considering it for one of our lunches.

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            Oyster Bar at Palace Station for lunch
            Kinh Do for Vietnamese..lunch
            Lotus for dinner..this is a must!
            Drinks at Chandelier Bar at the Cosmo
            Secret Pizza slice at Cosmo on third floor
            Buffet..Bacchanal or the Wynn

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              Alas, Chada is great but also closed for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. They are open from 11-3 Monday through Friday and 5 P.M. until 3:00 a.m. <sic> 7 days a week.

              I'd go to Lotus on Saturday night, myself, and splurge on the other meals, if that is your wont. I don't think you'll find better food quality. It's too bad that so few of the elite restaurants are open for lunch.

            2. Lunch: split a Riserva steak at Carnevino.
              Dinner: e

              1. Brunch at Bouchon. Lunch at maybe China Poblano? Or I've heard great things about Estatoria Milos. Second the call for a late night slice at the secret pizza place in the Cosmopolitan.

                1. I would skip Bacchanal and try Wicked Spoon instead. I was really really disappointed with Bacchanal.

                  E by Jose Andres will be more than $100/person, so stick with Jaleo.

                  Lotus of Siam or Raku for dinner.

                  Haven't tried the secret pizza but I like Holstein's for their foie gras burger + milkshake.

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                        Has anyone tried the Iberico sliders at Jaleo?