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What restaurant, if any, do you go a few times a week ?

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      1. re: kevin

        Or was it Urasawa?

        Heheheh.... I kid.

        1. re: kevin

          Only J.L. can say this and we'd have to pause and wonder if he was kidding. Not I, not chrishei, not even Porthos or Ciao Bob, can pull this off, I think. ;-)

          1. re: PeterCC


            imagine for a moment that Shunji's was essentially your neighborhood diner where you drop in a few nights a week. Now that's the life. Actually maybe not. I don't know if I could handle the time investment every night either, besides the major hit to the wallet.

            1. re: PeterCC

              I didn't pause and wonder for a second.

              I have no doubt he does.

              Any man that can out sushi me and eat more babi guling than me does not joke about matters such as this.

              1. re: Porthos

                A reiminder that it's time to return to Bali for some more of that incredible pork at Ibu Oka!

                1. re: J.L.

                  1/4 suckling pig and 1/4 baby goat at Panchita, Lima. Suckling pig every bit as incredible as Ibu Oka. Baby goat, meat so sweet it can only be milk fed. You'd love it.

                  1. re: Porthos

                    D'oh! And we trekked Peru only a few years back! Well, I guess I can go back and check on the Nazca Lines, which I missed last time... :-P

                    Yes, the ceviche in Lima IS all that.

                    1. re: J.L.

                      Completely agree re. ceviche. Not the biggest fan here, blown away there. Can see how Nobu Matsuhisa was inspired there.

                      Just as impressive, is their many types of arroz con mariscos. Several of which contain fresh sea cucumber! Have never seen sea cucumber outside of Asian preps and never fresh, always previously dried.

        2. Trimana is in my building and for lunch has good chicken noodle soup and chicken salad sand that I eat all the time. Other than that none, but regular take out:

          El Pollo loco
          Da Pesquale
          Emporium Thai
          Le Chine Wok

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          1. re: Thor123

            Damn, I should have prefaced this by stating "besides Trimana".

            1. re: kevin

              Trimana :).

              I love their grilled cheese, veggie burgers, soups/chili and the best sweet potato fries ever.
              Their salads are wonderful as is their balsamic dressing.

              Gulfstream at Century City. I love their fish and fantastic service.
              Clementine. At least twice a week.
              Nate n Al's breakfast.

              1. re: latindancer

                You are right about Trimana's salads and the balsamic dressing. The will also do a variation of their cobb with spinach salad (rather than iceberg), grilled chicken (rather than processed turkey) and turkey bacon (rather than pork) that is really good.

                1. re: Thor123

                  If you ever get a chance, you should try Chop't sometime if you're ever out in NY or DC.

                  If you like Trimana's salads, then Chop't will rock your world.

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    Not saying that Trimana is the best or even close to it. Just good an convenient. Greenleaf Chop Shop in BH does really good salads. Link below.


                    1. re: Thor123

                      No, it's certainly not the 'best or even close to it'. What I do love about the place (all of them from what I've experienced) is how it's run and the really fresh ingredients they use. I can always be assured of consistency.

                  2. re: Thor123

                    Those are good things to know.

            2. Tender Greens probably comes closest to the multiple times a week criteria, though we did go to Tar & Roses twice last week and Shunji twice in one week recently, but those are definitely outliers. If we include take-out, maybe Fresh Bros.

              1. Huckleberry for take out and Farmshop for a light lunch.

                1. I have a spreadsheet to prevent this dilemma...

                  But closest restaurant would be Tsujita.

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                  1. re: chrishei

                    "Where everybody knows your name... And they're always glad you came..."

                      1. re: J.L.

                        Ahem, don't you mean ... "Norm"?

                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          Of course, but that wouldn't be as appropriate for a restaurant board, would it?! :-)

                  2. Lum ka Naad, pizza rev, Baja fresh, small island, mandarin deli & India sweets & spices are all in rotation for lunch four times a week.

                    1. Not every single week but these are places I often go a few times a week:
                      St John's Cafeteria
                      Tacos Punta Cabras
                      Shunji (seriously)
                      Giorgio Baldi
                      Yabu (Pico)
                      Salt's Cure
                      Whole Foods (Santa Monica)

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                      1. re: Ciao Bob

                        I stand corrected. :-)

                        At the risk of over-saturating the board, would love to read a write-up of one of your experiences at Shunji. After all, you started it all last year, and based on my two recent visits and J.L.'s three recent visits, Shunji can obviously provide widely varying dishes even for those regulars who dine there as often as you do.

                        1. re: PeterCC

                          Sorry, Peter, I cannot really.
                          Reporting is as individual as art - there are some wonderfully detailed, representational hounds and there are impressionists. I am not a detail hound by any means. I am so grateful that there are so many detail hounds around here (like you) to read all their luxurious detail. I don’t think I am really an impressionist either – that’s too lofty for my prose. We are lucky to have many of those hounds as well. We do have some wonderful impressionistic, and funny, writers here. I am more of an indiscriminate bulk-collector/first-responder/canary-in-a-coal mine (when things are not so good, or going downhill)/lucky finder of a diamond-in-the-rough (when things are good, and/or going uphill).
                          For sure, Shunji is a detail chef - he seems always aware of what is great that day, what I like in general or have expressed as my preference for that day, and what he has served me recently.
                          Plus I am a crappy, impatient photographer.

                          1. re: Ciao Bob

                            CB, has an exceptional point.

                            I'm neither a first responder nor a humorous writer nor an erudite raconteur nor an investigative reporter of the first degree.

                            So I will have to settle for ...

                            1. re: kevin

                              You may not be a humorous writer intentionally...

                            2. re: Ciao Bob

                              Bob, that was a rather eloquent defense of why you can't write eloquently on your meals. ;-)

                              I personally find my own prose, especially the ones where I try to adopt a more professional tone, a little too verbose and flowery (my wife was making fun of some of the passages in my Paiche review), but as someone in one of the many subthreads on the JGold 101 post said, writing casually for the board and writing a publication-quality review (or at least striving to write at that level) are two very different things.

                              Mostly, I just appreciate more voices in the mix. :-)

                        2. Not every week, but there have been weeks where the Little Flower Candy Company Cafe has seen us 3 or 4 times.

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                          1. re: Savour

                            Oh, I just love the food at Little Flower Candy Company. Their sandwiches and soups are great along with some of their specials I've tried.
                            If I lived in that neighborhood it would surely be on my every other day list.

                            1. re: Savour

                              Love that place (I'm hooked on their quiche and bread pudding!) ...and those pretzel rolls are no joke!

                              1. re: Savour

                                In Eagle Rock/Pasadena area, correct ?

                                I always consider that no-man's-land.

                                What do you get their besides their caramels which are pretty good of course and of which I used to purchase at Clementine's ?????

                                Thanks for reminding me.

                                1. re: kevin

                                  Yep, right at the border (on the Pasadena side) - just west of the bridge. Another gem in the area-ish is Lemon Poppy Kitchen. YUM!

                                  1. re: kevin

                                    We often go for breakfast (their lattes are excellent). We usually start with a buttermilk pretzel roll and a honey lavender scone. Then I usually get either their breakfast sandwich, strata (made with leftover pretzel rolls) or one of the puff pastry tartines - ham and gruyere, or tomato and goat cheese, or sometimes a kale and cheese croissant.

                                    For lunch their French ham and butter sandwich is simple but wonderful, as is the broccolini and burrata sandwich. I like their Vietnamese chicken sandwich, though obv. it's not a banh mi.

                                    If we're stopping in at an off hour, it's likely to be something from the bakery case - either one of the aforementioned scones, or a slice of their foley cake, or a nutella croissant, or a salted caramel sticky bun.

                                    Eagle Rock/Highland Park has a lot of great stuff that it didn't have a few years ago. I'll happily take it over west side traffic!

                                2. The Market Grill in Monrovia... burger heaven... huge salads w homemade dressing... daily soup specials. Love the place... and the people running the joint are so nice!

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                                  1. Mainly all for lunch:

                                    Mendocino Farms
                                    Chop Stop
                                    Pizza Rustica
                                    Fresh Corn Grill

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                                    1. re: chris1621

                                      Fresh Corn Grill now officially reminds me of the Ivy without the heavy duty prices. :)

                                      1. re: kevin

                                        Totally! I usually get the grilled vegetable salad - just for half the price of the one at the Ivy! :)

                                        1. re: kevin

                                          I heard that the cooks are Ivy back of the house veterans

                                      2. Brents deli.
                                        My favorite breakfast choices: Lox Benedict, or Bagel with Lox and Cream Cheese, or Ron's Special Brunch, or in the fall their pumpkin pancakes with nuts, or latkes, or blintzes, (or their sampler with both)

                                        Lunch or Dinner choices: pastrami or corned beef or turkey on rye, or French Dip with either roast beef or brisket, or Phily steak sandwich with brisket instead of roast beef.

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                                          1. re: JAB

                                            Me too! Lucky. I would be there a few times a week if it wasn't a 25 mile drive for me. HEAR THAT BRENT'S COME ON OVER TO THE WESTSIDE PLEASE!

                                            1. re: wienermobile

                                              There's not much out here in the northwest corner of the valley, so I am grateful for what we do have.

                                            1. re: brandygirl

                                              Good call on Brent's, me too if I lived closer.

                                            2. humble potato.

                                              even the times that i don't stay there and have their tempeh burger, because i am addicted to their Yuzu slaw, i will bring the slaw home a couple of times a week and cover home made food with it.

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                                              1. re: westsidegal

                                                I'll now have to retry that tempeh burger. And I'll get it with the slaw on top. (Sometimes I'm out that way near Playa/W'r so hence I need some decent eats in the area).

                                                Do they put a mayo based sauce on the tempeh burger ?

                                                1. re: kevin

                                                  not when i order it.
                                                  i believe their normal hp sauce has mayo.
                                                  i tell them to give me either ketchup or tonkatsu sauce or both.

                                                  1. re: westsidegal

                                                    That sounds good.

                                                    I'll probably just give a whirl with the tonkatsu sauce and the slaw.

                                                    And the avocado shake sans chocolate syrup.

                                              2. I eat at Clementine, either location, very often.

                                                Somewhere on Sawtelle at least once a week for lunch.

                                                Somewhere on Beverly Drive at least once a week for lunch i.e. Momed/Cabbage Patch/Saffron/Bouchon

                                                A few of the ersatz Swill Hut Century City choices, but never by choice.

                                                And with the kids we hit Golden State, Fm Moishes/Loteria/, Hirozen, Mendocino Farms and ramen probably once a week. They also loved Sawtelle Kitchen and Beacon before they closed.

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                                                1. re: JudiAU

                                                  I liked Beacon a lot. Damnit, I just wish it were still open.

                                                  Swill Huts ????

                                                    1. re: Thor123

                                                      Yeah, right across from the Paris style bistro/bakery.

                                                      1. re: kevin

                                                        They had great Chinese chicken salad as I recall.

                                                        1. re: kevin

                                                          They had the filet mignu with the wasabi relish that was great.

                                                        2. re: Thor123

                                                          Where Evan Funke (late of Rustic Canyon and the Porchetta Truck) is going in with Bucato.

                                                      2. re: JudiAU

                                                        Had Clementine's vegetarian lasagna for the first time. No pasta. Layers of vegetables and béchamel and cheese. Delicious. Ate half last night as main dish and more tonight as a side. Great dish.

                                                        1. re: maudies5

                                                          That's one place that I have not been to in years.

                                                          I remember really liking their turkey sandwich, the roast beef with horseradish sauce, the egg salad, and their cupcakes with a very sophisticated chocolate frosting. In addition to their butterscotch pudding and banana cream pie.

                                                          1. re: maudies5

                                                            I agree, maudie, that lasagna is pretty nice.

                                                            I also love their Greek salad, if you haven't tried it.

                                                            1. re: latindancer

                                                              My husband loves the Greek salad! I love the Tuscan bean soup and the deviled eggs. No better deviled eggs anywhere!!
                                                              The butterscotch brownie is another clear winner. One just has to arrive a little before noon or the place gets crazy. Also, very important to check take out orders. They do have a tendency to screw them up (as does Huckleberry). Word of caution: Do not get hot soups to go. That container always leaks. Better to get the frozen ones. I like that I can check menu daily at www.clementineonine.com

                                                              1. re: maudies5

                                                                Agreed about checking take out orders. We are well stocked with frozen soup. My kids adore the frozen borscht.

                                                                1. re: maudies5

                                                                  Oh yes, those deviled eggs are delicious, I agree.
                                                                  I'm a huge fan of ordering 'any 3' choices in the refrigerated case. I also agree about the butterscotch brownie....it's my favorite. I've had a few problems, over the years, with take-out orders. I now check it before I walk out the door just in case.

                                                          2. The places I eat in most often are Rutt's Hut and Ronnie's Diner.

                                                            This doesn't count Il Trammezzino, which is in the building where I work. I probably eat there three or four times a week, breakfast and lunch included.

                                                            1. Nat's West coffee shop, Topanga Cyn, Blvd. one block north of Roscoe. I almost always order the "Early Bird" breakfast: 2 eggs, hash browns or home fries (both excellent), 2 slices of bacon, toast or house-made muffin (many varieties, all excellent -- including wonderful cinnamon rolls), coffee included -- $7.25. I augment this with a side of country gravy ($0.95), and judiciously apply their house-made, hot salsa verde. They also make 2 jams in-house, and their biscuits and gravy are likewise excellent.

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                                                              1. re: ozhead

                                                                Wow, I passed by there early in the morning a couple months back and it sure looked like a good old fashioned coffee shoppe.

                                                                1. re: kevin

                                                                  For what it's worth, I've rec'd Nat's sister (brother) location several times on CH.

                                                                  It's at Burbank and Hazeltine.

                                                              2. - California Chicken Cafe
                                                                - Gelson's (the 1/2 sandwich + 2 sides is an outstanding deal at $5.99; I go there so frequently that multiple employees at the service deli know my name)
                                                                - Jack in the Box (you know, the southwest salad + grilled chicken is actually not bad)

                                                                - La Bottega
                                                                - Monte Alban

                                                                Tried to go to Tacos Punta Cabras yesterday for the first time, and they were booked out for a private party! Argh!

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                                                                  1. re: PeterCC

                                                                    Thanks for the info. The hastily and handwritten note stating that they were closed for an event didn't necessarily make me think that they posted ahead of time. Will def check the website next time I'm thinking of going!

                                                                    To Kevin: I'm partial to the tacos enchilados (cheese only) there, as well as the horchata (not cloyingly sweet). I also once had the Volcan (def made for sharing), which was enjoyable, as was the queso fundido (just make sure you really, REALLY like LOTS of cheese....).

                                                                    I find the non-chicken meat there to be rather tough, and I'd avoid the yellow mole (which was pretty insipid the 1-2 times I had it) altogether.

                                                                    1. re: ilysla

                                                                      Stupid question: But do they happen to have an seafood preps there with mole sauce ?

                                                                      1. re: ilysla

                                                                        You should go this week. Usually after one of their SLF dinners, they'll have leftover fresh ingredients and will make special tacos, tostadas, or cocteles for the following few days.

                                                                        1. re: PeterCC

                                                                          As always, Peter, you are correct - they were preparing a bunch of artichokes for a special when I went for lunch yesterday. But I was too early.

                                                                          1. re: PeterCC

                                                                            Will try but they close rather early (8PM, I think)? I work late most nights, which is unfortunate. =( Might be able to make it work this Friday but was hoping to try the happy hr at FIG (again, for the first time) since I so rarely get an weekday afternoon off. Between the two, which would you recommend (FIG vs. TPC, and, yes, I realize that they must be very different animals)?

                                                                              1. re: ilysla

                                                                                Actually I think TPC closes at 7. Between the two, I would probably choose FIG. Obviously more variety of dishes.

                                                                        2. re: ilysla

                                                                          Yeah, you have to get to TPC on the double.

                                                                          1. re: ilysla

                                                                            I haven't been to Monte Alban in years. What do you get there ?

                                                                            1. Thyme in Santa Monica for their trio of salads (from the case). Always the delicious shrimp salad, the sesame oil sugar snap peas and the roasted broccoli. Not cheap, but delicious!!!

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                                                                              1. re: 1foodie1

                                                                                On Ocean Park, right ?

                                                                                I get this place confused with the joint in Burbank.

                                                                                1. re: kevin

                                                                                  Thyme is an easy double with Bob's Market. Park at Bob's, do your shopping and hit up Thyme without moving your car.

                                                                                  1. re: Servorg

                                                                                    Thanks. Damn, I sure miss Gagnier's over there.