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Jun 10, 2013 05:28 PM

What restaurant, if any, do you go a few times a week ?


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      1. re: kevin

        Or was it Urasawa?

        Heheheh.... I kid.

        1. re: kevin

          Only J.L. can say this and we'd have to pause and wonder if he was kidding. Not I, not chrishei, not even Porthos or Ciao Bob, can pull this off, I think. ;-)

          1. re: PeterCC


            imagine for a moment that Shunji's was essentially your neighborhood diner where you drop in a few nights a week. Now that's the life. Actually maybe not. I don't know if I could handle the time investment every night either, besides the major hit to the wallet.

            1. re: PeterCC

              I didn't pause and wonder for a second.

              I have no doubt he does.

              Any man that can out sushi me and eat more babi guling than me does not joke about matters such as this.

              1. re: Porthos

                A reiminder that it's time to return to Bali for some more of that incredible pork at Ibu Oka!

                1. re: J.L.

                  1/4 suckling pig and 1/4 baby goat at Panchita, Lima. Suckling pig every bit as incredible as Ibu Oka. Baby goat, meat so sweet it can only be milk fed. You'd love it.

                  1. re: Porthos

                    D'oh! And we trekked Peru only a few years back! Well, I guess I can go back and check on the Nazca Lines, which I missed last time... :-P

                    Yes, the ceviche in Lima IS all that.

                    1. re: J.L.

                      Completely agree re. ceviche. Not the biggest fan here, blown away there. Can see how Nobu Matsuhisa was inspired there.

                      Just as impressive, is their many types of arroz con mariscos. Several of which contain fresh sea cucumber! Have never seen sea cucumber outside of Asian preps and never fresh, always previously dried.

        2. Trimana is in my building and for lunch has good chicken noodle soup and chicken salad sand that I eat all the time. Other than that none, but regular take out:

          El Pollo loco
          Da Pesquale
          Emporium Thai
          Le Chine Wok

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          1. re: Thor123

            Damn, I should have prefaced this by stating "besides Trimana".

            1. re: kevin

              Trimana :).

              I love their grilled cheese, veggie burgers, soups/chili and the best sweet potato fries ever.
              Their salads are wonderful as is their balsamic dressing.

              Gulfstream at Century City. I love their fish and fantastic service.
              Clementine. At least twice a week.
              Nate n Al's breakfast.

              1. re: latindancer

                You are right about Trimana's salads and the balsamic dressing. The will also do a variation of their cobb with spinach salad (rather than iceberg), grilled chicken (rather than processed turkey) and turkey bacon (rather than pork) that is really good.

                1. re: Thor123

                  If you ever get a chance, you should try Chop't sometime if you're ever out in NY or DC.

                  If you like Trimana's salads, then Chop't will rock your world.

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    Not saying that Trimana is the best or even close to it. Just good an convenient. Greenleaf Chop Shop in BH does really good salads. Link below.


                    1. re: Thor123

                      No, it's certainly not the 'best or even close to it'. What I do love about the place (all of them from what I've experienced) is how it's run and the really fresh ingredients they use. I can always be assured of consistency.

                  2. re: Thor123

                    Those are good things to know.

            2. Tender Greens probably comes closest to the multiple times a week criteria, though we did go to Tar & Roses twice last week and Shunji twice in one week recently, but those are definitely outliers. If we include take-out, maybe Fresh Bros.

              1. Huckleberry for take out and Farmshop for a light lunch.

                1. I have a spreadsheet to prevent this dilemma...

                  But closest restaurant would be Tsujita.

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                  1. re: chrishei

                    "Where everybody knows your name... And they're always glad you came..."

                      1. re: J.L.

                        Ahem, don't you mean ... "Norm"?

                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          Of course, but that wouldn't be as appropriate for a restaurant board, would it?! :-)