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Amazon Fresh in LA

So Amazon Fresh has just launched in LA. Anyone know what zip codes they're delivering to? Anyone tried it.

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  1. Here's the address check. They do not deliver to Atwater Village, my neighborhood.


    But, you must be an Amazon Prime Member, after your first 90 days free it's $300.00 a year!

    And the delivery hours are, for me, terrible.

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      Ouch. $299 a year? I have friends in Seattle who love it - had no idea the model was so different in LA. I think I'll stick with my weekly jaunts to Trader Joe's.

      1. re: SilverlakeGirl

        Isn't amazon prime $79/year though? http://www.amazon.com/gp/prime

        Maybe they can deliver to the office? And then you take home?

        1. Most of their "local spotlight" seems to be on places around the westside, so I'm guessing that's where most of their services are available now.

          San Gabriel & Alhambra, not available.

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          1. re: andytseng

            I'm in Pasadena, and it's not available to either my home address or my office in Santa Monica.

            1. re: Savour

              Weird. I'm in La Canada, one town over, and it's available to me.

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                Now it's available to Pasadena. Wasn't in June 2013. I tried it, was unimpressed.

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                  Amz local expanded a lot since this post was originally created.

            2. Annoying. Me neither and I can walk to a half dozen highlighted vendors.

              1. Well, it might be interesting if they ever make it to Thousand Oaks.
                And, by the way, I still have my old Webvan refrigerator magnets!

                1. Santa Monica came up as a yes.

                    1. Bump. Anyone use it in 2014? Just signed up for a 30 day trial...

                      Here's my first order, in case you were wondering:

                      1 $17.76 $17.76 Nonna's, Vegetarian Combo-Ready to Heat, 6pc (Sold by Nonna's Empendadas. Ships from AmazonFresh.)

                      1 $4.49 $4.49 Bolthouse Farms, 100% Carrot Juice, 32 oz

                      1 $1.99 $1.99 Oregano, Organic, .75 oz Package (United States, Mexico or Columbia)

                      1 $15.00 $15.00 Groundwork Coffee, Organic Angel City (Whole Bean), 1lb Can (Sold by Groundwork Coffee. Ships from AmazonFresh.)

                      1 $14.95 $14.95 Groundwork Coffee, Organic Cold Brew, 4 - 12oz bottles (Sold by Groundwork Coffee. Ships from AmazonFresh.)

                      2 $0.99 $1.98 Italian Parsley (Flat Leaf), 1 Bunch (United States or Mexico)

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                        We've used it once this year, once last year (we're in Pasadena). Seems we pretty much only use it if we're both knocked out with bad colds. Otherwise, I'm much happier shopping for myself.
                        The prices were not horrible for delivery, and the produce was much, *much* better than supermarket delivery from VONS (which is the only other grocery delivery we've tried, and they had laughably bad produce). But there were many standard grocery-store items that were not for available to purchase, and I was really disappointed that most of the more "interesting" items Amazon advertised we tried to order - like food from specific restaurants - wouldn't be delivered until two or three days later. By that time, we were sufficiently recovered to get up and cook and shop for ourselves.
                        I really like how they delivered everything in cold-pack boxes and heavy-duty bags. That kept everything in really good shape.
                        I'd use it again, if I'm really sick or swamped or something, but with the caveat that you can't really get everything, and what they do offer you may not be able to get next-day.

                        1. re: khh1138

                          I agree that it's something I would use occasionally, but not frequently enough to justify the $200+ annual membership fee (I already get and love Prime). I thought the prices were OK but most things I buy regularly I get less expensively at local places. I'm also a good meal planner/weekly shopper, so I don't usually run out for small amounts of things during the week. I imagine that Amazon Fresh would be better for people who don't meal plan extensively. I do love the bags, though - still use them.

                          1. re: Savour

                            Wouldn't it be the other way around? The only way to use Amz Fresh properly would be to plan your meals ahead, so that the supplies are delivered to your door the day you need it.

                            At least, that's how I see it, and that's how I'm trying to make it work. Have AMZ deliver seafood/beef on Monday's, Pasta on Wednesday's, taco supplies on Friday. or w/e.

                            I'll report back ^_^

                      2. I like Amazon Prime. It's great to have groceries waiting on the porch when I return from a trip. It's not painfully expensive. They package everything in frozen water bottles so you'll never need to buy water again. Some of the produce has been less than fantastic but mainly very good. The fresh challah is excellent and items from Santa Monica Seafood are just terrific. Good fishys are hard to come by on what we're not allowed to call the Eastside anymore.

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                        1. re: Layne Murphy

                          anything in particular you like from SM Seafood? I was eyeballing their chowders/stocks/ceviche.

                          they have sausages from huntington meats for about the same price as retail. beef jerky a few bucks more than retail.

                        2. OMFG


                          13.50, 1.5lbs

                          which means....

                          ZOMFG, THEY HAVE MARCONDA'S ON DELIVERY

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                            Okay... I clicked onto this post for the first time and saw this post and just got SOOOOO HAPPY!!! This is great for those on puppy duty (I swear, P. and I are eating the dregs of our pantry). Ordering on Friday and will report back! :DD


                          2. wowowowow just had santa monica seafood delivered to me yesterday. SMS gets a lot of hate on this board, but for seafood delivered to my door quality was great.

                            mexican shrimp were super firm, cleaned pretty well, tasted great. bay scallops also tasted great, not too wet. Prices were pretty reasonable when compared to similar stores (WF, Fish King)

                            1. I just signed up for a trial and am awaiting my first delivery.

                              I was most intrigued by the food and beverages from local vendors that can be delivered to your door.

                              The current restaurants/catering (some of which I have never heard of) are as follows: Cantors, Fresh n' Lean, Jinya Ramen Bar, Pizzeria Il Fico, Red Apple, Harvest Moon, Lascari's Italian Cucina, Border Grill, Grub, Mediterranean City Grill, Heirloom LA, Steingarten LA,Got Kosher?, Glendon Bar & Kitchen and Nonna's Empanadas.

                              Bakeries and sweets are: I Heart Pies, Charm City Cakes West, Diamond Bakery, Wildflour Cupcakes, Sun Flour Natural Bakery, Western Bagel, Layer Cake Bakery, 'Lette Macarons, Valerie Confections, Mrs. Beasley's, Cake Monkey, Fugetsu-Do Sweet Shop, Fōnuts, ChocoVivo, Breakaway Bakery and DK's Donuts.

                              Tea and coffee are: American Tea Room, Socha Tea Company, Bird Pick Tea & Herb, Matcha Source, Portola Coffee Lab, Groundwork Coffee, Kean Coffee and Intelligentsia Coffee.

                              Meats and seafood are: Maestro Sausage Co., Marconda's Meats, Dry Dock Fish Company, FirstClass Foods, Santa Monica Seafood and The Huntington Meats.

                              They also have Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, but a very limited selection.

                              Juices are: Press Brothers Juicery, The Juice, Juice Served Here, Living Juice and Pressed Juicery.

                              Also, wine, beer and alcohol from The Wine House, although you have to be home to personally sign for alcohol, which to me defeats the whole convenience of the service (but legally necessary since they cannot deliver alcohol to minors).

                              Anyway, I love the idea of being able to mix and match and have it all show up on my doorstep before 7:00 a.m. I ordered some salsas from Border Grill, a salad and some jarred tomato sauce from Pizzeria Il Fico, my lunch for tomorrow from Mediterranean City Grill (chicken kabob and cabbage salad), some juice from Press Brothers Juicery and some grocery items I needed but was too lazy to go to the store to get.

                              Oh, and I also decided today that I needed some gardening shears -- went on regular Amazon to order and they will be delivered tomorrow morning before 7:00 a.m. with my food.

                              This is like having a personal shopper. Will report back after I have tried the service for awhile.

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                              1. re: omotosando

                                The chashu bowls from jinya are fantastic. The ramen is good too.

                                <---- been using for a few months now

                                1. re: ns1

                                  Thanks for the tip. I will add the vegetable ramen to my next order.

                                  1. re: ns1

                                    Question about the jinya ramen, this may sound stupid, but does it come with the noodles? The description doesnt say if the noodles comes with it. Just the broth and the veggies.

                                    1. re: gratchie

                                      I had that same question, so I agree it is very ambiguous (esp. since they sell the noodles sep.)

                                      but yes, it's the whole package, boxed up very neatly. Feels like a slightly smaller serving than in-store though.

                                      1. re: ns1

                                        Thank you. I will give it a try today.

                                2. Okay my first order was delivered to my doorstep and waiting when I woke up and I'm thrilled.

                                  It's the simple things in life, like having perfectly fresh organic parsley on your doorstep in the morning for your morning omelet. (I'm such a parsley fanatic that I tried growing it for awhile so I could always have it fresh, but I had a black thumb with it).

                                  For mid-morning snack, I had a Press Brothers green juice. One of the best green juices I have tried and I didn't have to trek to a juice store to get it -- it was on my doorstep when I woke it.

                                  Lunch was chicken kabob from Mediterranean City Grill. They are downtown and I work in Century City, so they weren't exactly going to deliver to my office, which is where Amazon Fresh comes in. (And don't get me started on the horrible lunch options in Century City). The chicken kabob was very good. The rice was very tasty, although I only took a spoonful as I am trying to cut down on carbs (they give you carbs and carbs since you get both rice and pita bread, which I did not try). If the broccoli had not been overcooked, the meal would have been perfection. It came with tasty sides of tahini, hot sauce and garlic sauce. Definite thumbs up - about 5000% percent better than Zankou, for instance. Definitely lunch-worthy.

                                  Amazon Fresh is definitely a keeper for me. Oh and the gardening shears that I ordered yesterday was on my doorstep this morning with my food, so I was able to get in some pre-work shearing as well!

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                                  1. re: omotosando

                                    <<<and waiting when I woke up>>>

                                    When you woke up? How early is that? I ask because the alternative is having your new groceries and shears sitting on the front porch until you get home.

                                    1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                      You can schedule the time. You can be there or tell them to leave it on the doorstep. Oh, they deliver amazon packages too.

                                      1. re: ns1

                                        I'm being facetious about "how early" since I''m off to work hours and hours before sunrise.

                                        Both Silverlake & Atwater, my new nabe, have problems with packages taken off front porches.

                                        I do have an Amazon credit card which I use constantly for rewards. I'll call them and see if they deliver on weekends or afternoons.

                                        1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                          I don't leave early in the morning and thefts are not a problem in my neighborhood, so having the delivery on my porch by 7:00 a.m. ensures it will be there when I wake up. Since I was not up by 7:00 a.m. this morning, I don't know what time it was actually delivered.

                                          I agree having it left on your doorstep is not a good option in neighborhoods where things disappear.

                                          They do deliver 7 days a week. You can choose to be there or have it left on your doorstep. You can actually book a delivery slot both for having the package left or for having it delivered while you are there.

                                          For having packages left, there are 3 hours slots between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. (they will drop it off anytime within that three hour window.) Or you can choose to have it on your doorstep by 7:00 a.m.

                                          For "attended" delivery, you book one hour slots between 7:00 a.m. and noon and between 5 and 10 p.m. For alcohol, you must choose an "attended" delivery.

                                          It really can't get much more convenient than that.

                                        2. re: ns1

                                          can they pickup returns for regular amazon purchases?

                                          1. re: gratchie

                                            Apparently not. Here is what the FAQ says:

                                            To return a non-grocery item purchased on AmazonFresh.com, contact us. We'll email you a mailing label to print out, and give you instructions on how to mail back the item. You'll receive your refund within 5 days of the time we receive your item back at our Fulfillment Center.

                                            As part of the Amazon Home Delivery program, AmazonFresh delivers some orders that were placed on the Amazon.com website. If you would like to return an item you ordered on the Amazon.com website, contact Amazon.com customer service

                                    2. Another option to consider is Good Eggs. No membership fee. Free delivery in lots of areas.


                                      A little less conventional than what's offered on Amazon Fresh, but terrific selection. It's great for us and is great for the small, artisanal producer.

                                      With L.A. traffic being as difficult as it has been, the exploration of local producers could now be online! My friend across town was under the weather and I sent her a some Vietnamese Chicken Soup from Smart Simple gourmet along with a baguette from Bread Lounge.

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                                      1. re: revets2

                                        Good to know about. I had never heard of GoodEggs. Not quite as convenient as Amazon Fresh as they don't appear to deliver every day and they don't have as much prepared food as Amazon Fresh, but what they have looks good.

                                        Their bread selections look fantastic and much more artisanal than Amazon Fresh.

                                        Is there a minimum order? I definitely want to try them out.

                                        Between Amazon Fresh and Good Egg, my goal is to never set foot in a supermarket again!

                                        1. re: omotosando

                                          Good question! I have no idea. I don't buy a lot, but I've never tried to buy just one thing.

                                          It's kind of like a really good food hall or farmer's market, but bigger.

                                          1. re: revets2

                                            Here is an answer to your minimum order question courtesy of westsidegal:

                                            "If you order over $30 worth of stuff and are willing to take delivery during one of their “free delivery” time windows, the delivery is free."

                                        2. re: revets2

                                          This looks fantastic. As I said, I wouldn't object to Amazon Fresh if it weren't for the steep annual fee. It sounds from this thread that a lot of people are using it more for meal delivery than grocery delivery, though. I will try Good Eggs and report back!

                                          1. re: Savour

                                            I use it for both. Produce is quite good , I'd say Vons quality at least.

                                            The upfront cost is steep, but if you divide it by 12 months and then factor in the time/gas savings, you easily recoup the $20/month cost

                                            Oh yeah, they freeze water bottles to keep stuff cool. If you work it right, you can get 12-24 bottles of water/week to further subsidize your cost.

                                            1. re: ns1

                                              Plus, it's essentially an Amazon Prime subscription which includes streaming and free two day shipping. It's not a bad deal at all!


                                              1. re: Dommy

                                                Free one day shipping if it's available at a local warehouse.

                                                I've bought stuff at 11pm arrived to my house before 7am next morning.

                                                Can you guys tell I love amazon?

                                                1. re: ns1

                                                  LOL! I'm not as big as fan, I perfer to shop local so that the sale tax stays in the city. And then there was Amazon's FIT about having to charge sale tax I literally hadn't bought anything from them in YEARS until I went back to doing rescue. And also I hate the enviromental costs with the packaging and trucks such... But I love how this service IS allowing for smaller local companies to have BIG exposure and how I won't have to drive around to one place to get Hepps salt, then to Marcona, then to... so it makes up on some of my own the environmental costs. And then for me, there is the Puppy thing for these next few weeks... Life changes for everyone... puppy, new house, illness, a baby... , but it's nice not feel like you have to give everything up when it does...


                                                  1. re: ns1

                                                    It's 9:56am right now. Just bought a few items from amazon.com that were fresh eligible - they're giving me free SAME DAY shipping on 3/4 products, and free shipping on the last one O_O

                                                    They seriously got some crazy logistics.

                                                  2. re: Dommy

                                                    "Plus, it's essentially an Amazon Prime subscription which includes streaming and free two day shipping. It's not a bad deal at all!"

                                                    Dommy, for about 200 clams more, right?

                                                    ns1, with Amazon Fresh, you get one-day shipping if it's in the local warehouse or is that Amazon Prime?

                                                    Thanks to you both.

                                                    1. re: revets2

                                                      1 day prime = depends if you're lucky or not

                                                      If you're an amazon fresh member you can filter by amazon fresh capable items, which means next day scheduled delivery (which amounts to free next day delivery for anything they have at the local warehouse)

                                                      1. re: ns1

                                                        what about the amazon locker feature if you're using prime? automatic next day pickup?

                                                        1. re: TonyC

                                                          You want me to leave the house when I could have UPS/AmzFresh deliver straight to my door?

                                                          (I have never used amazon locker)

                                                          1. re: ns1

                                                            You apparently live in a neighborhood where that is possible with out things disappearing.

                                                            1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                                                              All Amazon Fresh orders are GPS tracked by the ABI (Amazon Bureau of Investigation)

                                                              (kevin, that is a j/k)

                                                              1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                                                                Then I would suggest an attended delivery window...

                                              2. Finishing out some of my day's supplies from Amazon Fresh, I just had the Pizzeria Il Fico Radicchio salad for dinner -- Radicchio, Endive, Frisee Salad with Shaved Cheese, Orange/Anchovy Dressing.

                                                The salad looked dubious in its box, but oh wow, it was really, really good. Tasted as fresh as if I had ordered it at the restaurant.

                                                Amazon Fresh is really a godsend compared to my usual working late alternative, L.A. Bites. By the time you meet the L.A. Bites minimum order, and then they tack on their "convenience" fee plus then a delivery fee and you leave a 15% tip for the delivery person, well your normal mediocre dinner form L.A. Bites is over $40 and you can't mix and match from different restaurants like you can on Amazon Fresh.

                                                If Amazon Fresh only added a few more local restaurants, it would be perfection.

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                                                1. re: omotosando

                                                  il fico is also really children friendly (despite being on that strip of robertson) and the pizza isn't half bad either.

                                                  1. re: TonyC

                                                    I just used the tomato chili oil that I got from Pizzera il Fico through Amazon Fresh. Amazing stuff.

                                                    I know this isn't the home cooking board, but I took some spoonfuls, heated it in a frying pan, threw in some eggs and sprinkled with some za'atar, some of my Amazon Fresh parsley and some feta and had one of the best shakshukas I have ever made. Thanks Pizzera il Fico and Amazon Fresh.

                                                2. I've been using it in Van Nuys (91401) ever since the free offer was made in March. Subsequently picked it up for the rest of the year. Have ordered everything from fresh Canter's rye to Tallegio from the Beverly Hills Cheese Shop. Their prices seem relatively equivalent to those in the area, their customer service has been nothing less than outstanding and you can't beat the convenience.

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                                                  1. re: Steve2 in LA

                                                    Ah, what have you ordered from Cantor's?

                                                    1. re: omotosando

                                                      I've ordered Canter's Rye Bread, Bagels, Potato Salad, Pastrami and Challah. All as good as the counter line is long.

                                                  2. Any yummy.com users? Just curious how it compares to AMZFresh

                                                    1. I received an e-mail invitation to test the service. Three times I placed orders, each time the orders were incorrect. On average, I only got half of what I ordered, and they would put a lot of goods in that I didn't order.

                                                      I called their Customer service and got the runaround twice. I cancelled the service.

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                                                      1. re: JosephEBacon

                                                        Sorry to hear about your problems with Amazon Fresh. I have not had similar problems. I have never gotten anything I didn't order and only once did I order a particular item only to wake up to an email that they didn't actually have that item and it would not be included in my delivery.

                                                      2. Had Amazon Fresh bring me a pizza from Il Fico on Robertson. It's a pre-assembled pizza that you cook yourself. OMG was it good -- frankly even better than I remember the pizzas when I dined at Il Fico.

                                                        And so I have decided that the ability to have an Il Fico pizza brought you your door which you can then cook for dinner is alone worth the yearly cost of Amazon Fresh.

                                                        The other amazing find from Amazon Fresh is Valerie Confections chocolate. By far the best chocolate truffles I have ever had. They are so good that one small one is satisfying. Valerie Confections has shops in Silverlake, Echo Park and in the Grand Central Market downtown, but I live on the Westside, so none of their brick and mortar locations are convenient to me.

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                                                        1. re: omotosando

                                                          Just wondering: Heating instructions on the pizza?

                                                          1. re: ns1

                                                            It said 10 minutes at 375, but it took longer in a small convection oven.

                                                        2. More wonderful goodies from Il Fico via Amazon Fresh. Chicken sausages with roasted potatoes. https://fresh.amazon.com/product?asin...

                                                          These are homemade and delicious. Enough for two people (or two days breakfast for one person) and if you can resist the wonderful herb roasted potatoes, an excellent low-carb breakfast.