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Is Mayslacks Roast Beef still worth checking out?

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and what are the 3 best roast beef sandwiches in the TC?

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  1. Haven't ever been to Mayslacks, but I'm a fan of Wally's in Bloomington for a very solid, basic roast beef sandwich (I especially like their French dip). Clancey's is a very different sandwich, but it's also great.

    1. I'm still a fan of Maverick's (Roseville). Simple food prepared well.

      1. Bloomy's food truck is spectacular!

        1. I think it has been too long for me to comment on Mayslacks so I'll leave that out.

          The Italian Beef at Brianno's in Eagan is my favorite roast beef sandwich in MSP, but that may be outside the lines for your question.

          Right now, I still prefer Wally's. Maverick's, Penn Lake (around the corner from Wally's old location), and Bloomy's (the food truck) are all basically tied for next in line. Mike's Butcher Shop in West St. Paul also does a good job.

          I guess that's more than three.

          1. Honestly, I don't think so. I've been there twice in the last few years and didn't eat more than a few bites either time.

            If you're in the northern burbs, Bronco's in Anoka does a great job. Maverick's is also worth checking out, but can be on the bland side.

            1. I haven't been to Mayslacks since 1978 when Stan, himself, would put the roast beef sandwich on your plate and you had better have both hands holding the plate or he would kick you out. It was a ceremony and would make Seinfeld's Soup Nazi an amateur. :)

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                Me too! The guys I worked with made lunch at Mayslacks a monthly ritual. I was very young, the only female in the group and absolutely terrified of Mr. Stan. The first time he glared at me and growled " Two hands!" I almost peed my pants. When I saw the Seinfeld Soup Nazi episode the first thing that sprang to mind was "Mayslacks"!

                Like you, I have not been back since those glorious days but I have heard from others that the sandwich is a mere shadow of its former self.

                Thanks for bringing back a very happy memory.

              2. Moe's in Moundsview claims to have the Mayslack's RB recipe. I say claims because I have never been there. It's been on my to do list for a while.


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                  I tried the sandwich at Moe's about a year or so ago. I was not impressed.

                2. Sadly I didn't even live in the Twin Cities when Stan was around. The restaurant has changed ownership several times. I first tried the sandwich around 2001 or 2002. It was still very good but not what I "imagine" it was like back in the 1970s. I last had a Mayslacks sandwich probably in 2010 and it was still good, but smaller than I remembered but still a BIG sandwich. I went to Moe's not long after it opened, and though they claimed to have maintained the original recipe, it didn't do anything for me. They may have improved.

                  It's still worth going to Mayslacks over lunch and giving it a whirl. The sandwich is good but probably a disappointment to anyone who ate the original. My belly has never been disappointed though.

                  The sandwich is a completely different beast than what you get at Wally's. Never been to Mavericks...yet

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                    I went to mayslacks a couple of years ago and was told how great it was...in my humble opinion it was very meh.