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Jun 10, 2013 02:08 PM

New sushi place

A good new sushi place called Kura has recently opened in New York, as introduced by our great sushi connoisseur foodwhisperer.

Now there is another one.
It's Sushi Dojo (道場寿司) in East Village.
The chef owner is Mr. David Bouhadana, who worked in Hyogo Ken, Japan for 3 years, then at Hatsuhana, Sushi Uo, and 15 East.

I haven't tried it yet, but my Japanese friend did,
As his name implies, the chef is not a Japanese, and my Japanese friend says she didn't expect much in the beginning, but later she realized she was wrong. She really enjoyed it.
According to her, omakase course costs $100.

110 1st Ave
(between 7th St & 6th St)
New York, NY 10009
(646) 692-9398

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thanks Kosmose, I'm always on the hunt for good sushi. I think I know this chef. He probably knows how to make the an ago ( which is fantastic at 15 East) and he may be the guy who always makes their tomago . I'll report back after trying it.
      I also heard of a new 8 seat sushi place on the Lower East Side, opening this week. The chef / owner ( non Japanese) is from Masa, I don't know the name of it.
      I'll be at Kura this week ( maybe tomorrow) for the Aka Uni from iki island. The most expensive and prized uni.
      On another note, I hear Ushiwakamaru, is serving ramen after midnight.
      Sorry about the double post, I don't know how to delete posts.

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      1. re: foodwhisperer

        The LES place is from this guy John who used to work at 15 East and he was apprenticing at Masa's masters place for a bit.

        1. re: Ricky

          Is that the guy with a brother who used to work at Jewel Bako.

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                very interesting...good to have more japanese in my hood

            1. re: Ricky

              Has anyone tried this place at 91 Clinton , Sushi Ko. John is the sushi chef from 15 East. I tried to get in, they have strange hours . Open from 8PM-3AM, There's only 11 seats. They were booked until 11 PM when I stopped by. I/m curious as to how the sushi is and if chef is leaning toward more modern sushi like sushi Gari. As I saw him making some foamy toppings.

              1. re: Ricky

                I finally tried Sushi Ko. I recognized John (Daley-san) from 15 East where he worked for a few years. Then went on to study with Masa's master, as Ricky says.
                Sushi Ko is small , friendly and casual. The fish quality is top notch. The sushi chef adds a bit a creativity to the dishes but keeps it "Japanese". There is no fusion here, and the ingredients are all Japanese flavors. No cream cheese and salmon rolls, matter of fact , no rolls at all.
                There are several composed dishes like tartare, some are topped with yuzu foam. One dish was topped with cucumber foam. He has Hokkaido uni and Santa Barbara. One sushi dish he calls Tuni, its uni sushi topped with tuna. It tasted delicious, but you would never see this mixture at 15 East. John doesn't let tradition hold him back from making interesting combinations of fish and flavors. He has wild shima aji which was served simply and was fantastic.The uni with soba was delicious, seared scallop and scallop with uni was great. There were so many good dishes, I recommend you all try this place. They have good sake also. His partner Steven helps with the daytime prep of the fish and by night is waiter and sommelier. Very Friendly place. Not pretentious but very upscale sushi.

              2. re: foodwhisperer

                My pleasure foodwhisperer!
                Wow, Masa alumni's sushi place and Ushiwakamaru's ramen? Can't wait to try them all!
                Thanks for the info! :)

              3. I was never impressed with Sushi Uo, I found his dishes a bit overpriced for what they were and some of his "fusiony" things really fell flat. I have no issue with playful fusion, even welcome a bit of creativity, but his stuff felt very dated. It didn't surprise me to learn how young he was - I think he was, like, 22 at the time or something, and it struck me very much as the food of a 22 year old. I also found some of his cooked dishes a bit on the bland side. Not subtle, mind you - bland. Underseasoned.

                So I'm not in any great rush. But I'll look forward to seeing some reviews. Maybe he's grown / changed. I'll be happy to check it out if it gets some good word-of-mouth.

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                1. re: sgordon

                  I never ate at Sushi Uo, but if this guy worked at 15 East , Hatsuhana and in Japan, he most certainly had to have gained some knowledge and skills. I will try. In the past people who have worked with Massa at 15 East have learned to make the anago perfectly. There was a guy named Arnold who worked at Jewel Bako with Massa and then left to a place in Chelsea. His anago was as good as the anago at 15 East.

                  1. re: sgordon

                    I have never been to Uo, and my Japanese friend told me Dojo isn't fusiony, but traditional. She told me Dojo's omakase included a giant octopus dish, which reminded me of 15 East. But then, until I try it myself, I will not say anything. We will see. :)

                    1. re: sgordon

                      sushi uo was mediocre and expensive for what it was

                    2. I sat with David once at 15 East. He's friendly, and good - granted Mr. Shimizu was there guiding him.

                      Certainly worth seeing how he is on his own.