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Jun 10, 2013 02:07 PM

Il Capriccio Waltham - Awesome graduation dinner report

DD graduated from high school last week, so we headed to Il Capriccio with Grandparents in tow. They wanted a really nice place to take their granddaughter and it did NOT disappoint. I have never been, but was in charge of choosing a nice spot not too far from Newton South so jumped on the opportunity to finally check this place out.

Despite our 8:00pm reservation, they were backed up and we had to wait about 10 minutes in the entry for our table. The bar is nice, but was full and we stood around and waited....a bit awkward but not so bad. The waiter was super efficient and attentive, and one of our apps was comped....nice.

Everything was excellent. Several salad starters received high praise, but the stuffed zucchini flowers and porcini mushroom souffle were by far the standouts. Zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta and thyme and gently fried, on a bed of ??zucchini puree?. Porcini souffle was very intense in rich porcini flavor, and other souffle components did not distract from the wonderful earthiness. We swooned! Calamari/octopus saute was good, but a tiny bit chewy and I didn't think the chickpea puree underneath worked well. Entrees of fettucini/pancetta/peas was adored by my DD, as were raviolietti by my DH. My mom and I had the seafood risotto....outstanding. Perfectly cooked, with tender, juicy lobster and scallop pieces and ample clams/mussels in the shell. No overcooked lobster here, as is the case with many similar preparations I've tried elsewhere. Grandfather enjoyed his veal schnitzel, but was so blown away by the souffle for first course that the veal wasn't the standout for him. A few excellent wines by the glass were impressive (can't remember which ones we had). We finished with chocolate budino/caramel sauce...sort of a molten chocolate cake with very intense flavor and not too sweet. DD had the creme brulee, which had a lovely hazelnut addition to the custard and was served with an intense raspberry sorbet - again, high on flavor and low on added sugar.

This was truly a memorable glad we finally made it there. It will remain high on my list of special occasion destinations in the MetroWest area. The only negative was the decor, which was a bit too hodge-podgey for all of us. Still, it was easy to overlook focused on such great food and service.

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  1. Apology to hounds after seeing my post title: I am referring to the restaurant as awesome, not my review! :)

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      Your review was awesome too! Thanks!

    2. Wow, sounds like a wonderful dinner. Congrats to DD!

      1. What a great milestone meal! Glad it delivered.