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Jun 10, 2013 01:38 PM

Two Nights in Tokyo (first time)

Hello all-

Making my first trip to Tokyo this upcoming weekend (June 15/16) for work. I'll be with two colleagues, and we're arriving Saturday so we can be ready for our meetings starting Monday. We'll be staying near Ginza (Shidome) and are looking for two good places to eat. I would set budget around Y10,000 per person. We're all fans of good food and happy to go out of the way to get it. Given that we're late to the game in terms of booking any reservations, assume places that don't accept them would be better, but any advice extremely welcome.


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  1. You might want to be more specific about the types of food you want. There are about 80,000 restaurants in Tokyo so the more specific you are in what you're looking for, the more people will be able to make recommendations.

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      Thanks -- clearly showing my newbie stripes.

      I think we're pretty open -- Teppanyaki, Shushi, Tonkatsu, Gyuudon, Tempura all appeal. Appreciate the help!

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        If I was in your shoes and had two days in Tokyo, I'd do one high end sushi in Ginza (such as maybe Sushi Taichi, where you might be able to still get a reservation) for one dinner, and tonkatsu at Tonki in Meguro for the other dinner (I just love tonkatsu and go to Tonki every time I go to Tokyo, it's tradition at this point) to offset the expensive sushi meal. Taichi will run you about ¥17000 PP but Tonki will only be about ¥3000 PP so you'll still be within budget.

        For lunch, I would do budget sushi at one of the many branches of Sushizanmai - good quality for the price and you can eat as much as you want with no fear of a huge bill. Around ¥2000 to ¥4000 PP depending on how much you eat and drink. For my other lunch I would get tonkotsu ramen at one of the Ichiran branches. (Another tradition of mine. Yes, you can find better tonkotsu ramen than a chain like Ichiran, but it was my introduction to ramen many years ago and still my favorite for this reason).

        Hope this gives you some ideas. Although if you ask 10 people you will probably get 10 completely different answers. Also, I'm not a Tokyo resident, just a frequent visitor, so there are many others on this board with much deeper knowledge of the food scene there. But yeah, if I had only two days in Tokyo and a ¥25000 budget for 4 meals, this would probably be my food itinerary.

        Sushi Taichi:

        1-1-2 Shimo-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
        Tel: 3491-9928
        Open: 4pm-10:45pm
        Closed: Tuesday & 3rd Monday of the month


        Ichiran Ramen: