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Jun 10, 2013 12:50 PM

Venissa in Venice?

We are in Venice now, eating very well thanks to Elizabeth and the EatVenice app! We have a reservation for Venissa on Friday but it seems that there will be a vaporetto strike. I am going to try to change for Thursday but now I see there is a new chef. Any information/experience about the change?

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  1. Yes, in fact, there is a new chef. Although I haven't eaten there yet, I"ve heard good things. And the place is fantastic.

    But if there is going to be a vaperetto strike, then maybe you should think of changing your reservations.

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      Elizabeth, if you think it will be as good I will trust you. Going Thursday. Your recommendations so far are brilliant: Fontego de Pescatore, Vini da Gigio, Timon for cichetti, and tonight alla Testiere. Hoping for Corte Sconta onFriday night if we can get reservation. Thank you!

    2. We did have an excellent lunch! Beautiful setting overlooking a garden and vineyard, wonderful flavors and execution. Definitely a destination lunch! Very expensive: 98 euro tasting menu, plus wine. For a day outside with someone you love, highly recommended!