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Jun 10, 2013 10:04 AM

Road trip: Mid-Mo to Nashville via Owensboro, KY & Murphysboro IL

Barbecue & authentic-local-eats fiend driving mid-Mo to Nashville next week, already planning detours/stops at 17th street Bar & Grill (Murphysboro IL) on the way there, plus one of the mutton-que joints in Owensboro KY on the way back (prob'ly Old Hickory BBQ, if I have to pick just one). Taking suggestions to sample another hidden gem or two elsewhere along the way, & anything great in Nashville itself (not necessarily just barbecue). Your suggestions welcome & could affect my route. Paducah, Henderson, Bowling Green? Carbondale, IL? Evansville, IN?

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  1. A few Nashville recs:

    Peg Leg Porker for pulled pork or ribs
    Hattie B's for hot chicken
    Arnold's for meat & three
    Tavern for brunch (try the white trash hash)
    Crema for a great cup of coffee

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      1. re: pete k

        Be staying for a conference out at Gaylord-Opryland Center. Any of these joints nearby? or know anything good that is?

        1. re: kcordray

          Nothing of note in the Opryland area -- it is tourist/chain centric.

          All of Pete K's recs are good, although I think Tavern is OK, not stellar. I'd add Monell's, plus Edley's and B&C.

      2. Paducah is a wonderful little Southern Food town.... Several non-chain very excellent restaurants downtown that are all unique and very well done. Max's Brick Oven, Tribeca Mexican, JP's fabulous alfresco dining, Cynthia's impeccable Italian, Doe's Eat Place famous for steaks, Whaler's Catch for fish and frog legs, Di Fratelli, Martin Fierro Argentinian Grill, Shandies run by the owners of Artisan Kitchen....all are in historic settings and offer great food opportunities! BBQ ~ Starnes and Backwoods are both superb...offering different sauce types. Starnes tends to be more vinagar-y and Backwoods a little sweeter. Wonderful ribs!
        Hope this helps~~

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        1. re: jnky

          Appreciate your tips! Paducah is a possible good stop on my route thru Murphysboro IL.