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Jun 10, 2013 09:29 AM

Shashlik Mashlik, Azerbaijan, 904 Kings Highway

I found the experience of eating and drinking in this Azerbaijan restaurant quite nice.

I had a favored item of this region, as well as fried whole flounder. The favored item that I partook of, is the gonads of goat. I first had this, in Riga, Latvia, at a Russian restaurant there. Since I have found that the region of the Caucasus also is quite fond of gonads from four legged animals, and is easily located on menus in such restaurants serving food from the Kavkaz region (The Caucasus).

Chicken gonads I have only eaten in Taiwan. They are surprisingly large, and always found at weddings and such. This does indicate some regional differences.

Shashlik Mashlik does not have a license to serve liquor, so one must bring ones own alcohol to this establishment. The parties of natives that share the same region with the cuisine had whiskey, vodka, and wine. Our party brought beer, purchased at the 7 / 11 just down the road.

The service was fine. The fun was live entertainment from a singer of Armenian descent, but who grew up in Russia. He is the dj also, and the music is quite nice, and is regionally from The Caucasus and Russia.

If you go Friday or Saturday in the evening, their is live music and dj, and plan on dining with natives from that region, and Russia.

Be sure to try their fruit juice made from scratch, and with nothing added, meaning no sugar added. It is excellent.

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  1. You have me very excited about this place, and I will definitely check it out. I assume they have a variety of grilled meats, on the off chance that dining companions aren't interested in goat gonads?

    I'm also oddly intrigued by the fresh-squeezed fruit juices mentioned in your last paragraph, wondering what fruits they use. I'm picturing apricot or cherry . . . getting thirsty just thinking about it.

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    1. re: linda313

      I havent been but looked up their menu on menu pages:

      I love places with pricing like this... everything ending in .49 or .99 Looks good.

      1. re: Steve R

        Snapples is a 2.49 while their stewed fruit (juice) is 3.49.

        The desserts are all 4.99.

      2. re: linda313

        The fruit juice is not a juice, it is a stew. Very clear and traditionally made in a way that the owner or manager can describe for you. It was interesting hearing about that. I forwent the stew due to not wanting to mix such with my beer, but another at my table loved it.

        The food was good, i especially liked the fish, but had expected more from the gonad dish, as I have had excellent preparations in past at other places.

        They have grilled BAKU STYLE kabobs, that are served on dishes not always with the skewers accompanying them:

        (range from 5.99 chicken wings to 3.99 potato to 21.79 Sea Bass. Testicles are 11.99 meats are 6 to 8 and 9)

        chicken ; pork ; lamb;

        Liver ( no indication animal but assume it could be cow or lamb)

        Sturgeon; Sea Bass; Calamari

        lyulya kebab is spiced ground lamb sausage like perhaps.

        all the above kabobs are served with sides.

        The side that is great is the buckwheat, and it is prepared nicely.

        There is also soups 5.99 to 9.99:

        Borch; Harcho; Oakrashka (Okra); Hash (seasonal), etc.

        The dishes that are unique to region and this restaurant are follows:

        Uzbek Plov 6.49 (rice and meat cut or minced with spice and more:


        Dolma (grape leaves) 6.99

        Fried Branzini from italy 15.99 (recom: shared family style with other dishes)

        Meat Dumplings 5.99

        Eel Salad 10.99

        The fresh-squeezed fruit juices, is interesting, and the people from that region all had some at the table. It is not squeezed simply, and he went into its making a bit.

        There is whole friend chicken at 10.99 and Beef Strogonof, at 8.99.

        1. re: jonkyo

          "The fruit juice is not a juice, it is a stew"

          I think this kind of preparation was always referred to as a "compote".

          1. re: Steve R

            Compote is amazing. It's like a sophisticated, home-made fruit punch. I imagine it would be a great vehicle for a vodka cocktail, too. ;)

      3. Did you like the goat? How was it prepared? Any sides or starters?

        I get the sense that you enjoyed your visit but that the highlight may have been the floor show, not the food.

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        1. re: squid kun

          I loved the music, and am a big fan of these regions that have influence from Ottoman rule, such as Serbian pop music I heard in Serbian bars in Croatia and Slovenia. A middle east texture layered in.

          The goat or lamb testicles were quite good.

          The fish was excellent, fried whole, with spices, and crispy.

          Sides at least one, but we all had two, come with the oders of kabob free. I recommend buckwheat.

          There is a hot pot section with prices 11.99 up to 12.99: four selections; lamb / potato; beef / potato / veg; lamb testicles / potato; and Jizz- Biz Lamb (lamb in a business suit....guessing. There is russian wording so this must be a weird translation. It is a portion of meat from lamb I was told.

          1. re: squid kun

            goat testicles or gonads were grilled

          2. Interesting. Thanks for reporting Jomkyo.
            I'm planning to check out Moldova on Saturday. Anyone been?

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