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Jun 10, 2013 08:47 AM

Oenotri or Bottega?

My wife and I are planning a short trip to the Napa area and we are struggling to decide between Oenotri or Bottega for dinner one night. My wife is leaning towards Bottega but I would like to try Oenetri. Since I get so many good tips and advice here I thought I would pose the question. We have also have on our list Bistro Jeanty for one night and Goose & Gander (Lunch/Late night) and Grace's Table (breakfast/HH). In our last visit we went to Redd and Bottega for dinner (both were excellent) so we want to try some different spots but it's hard to pass up on either of those. Or perhaps some may have other suggestions on how to set up a 2.5 day trip to Napa. Others that made the list are: Redd (again), Zuzu and Angele

In all we need 2 for lunch and 2 for dinner

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  1. I really think Oenotri is better.

    1. agreed, easily Oenotri. Bottega was good, but it had a Disneyland feel to it. It appeals to Napa newbies IMO. If you still get excited over truffle fries, try Bottega.

      At Oenotri, I would recommend the charcuterie plate, panna cotta and a pizza or whatever pastas look good to you.

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        Oenotri, no question.

        Bottega is *highly* overrated by tourists and few locals eat there.

        Other favorites include Goose & Gander, Cook (St. Helena), Zuzu, Angele and Grace's Table (Napa), and JoLe (Calistoga).