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Jun 10, 2013 08:29 AM

Birthday Dinner in Nashville

My birthday is this week and my parents are coming into town to have dinner with me the night before. I've only lived in town a couple months, and have a limited budget, so I haven't gotten the chance to eat out much.

I'm looking for somewhere American or Italian, under $20 a plate, generally, and if possible, with good views of the city or a nice atmosphere.

(I did go to City House when I first got the job here, so that's my backup option if I can't find somewhere new.)

Thank you!

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  1. Within the same area as City House: Germantown Cafe, Silo, Rolf & Daughters.

    Your options might be limited, but you will definitely find plate for under $20.

    1. For a view / nice atmosphere, I'd definitely recommend Germantown Cafe. Good food, too!

      1. Marche! It is the best!