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Say It With Bacon - Oscar Mayer

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This new campaign seems really 'inside the box'.
I enjoyed it.


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  1. Yeah. But not Oscar Mayer bacon.

    1. I watched the whole video. This is awesome. I laughed so hard.

      1. Very funny and a bit over-the-top for a very traditional brand. I quite enjoyed also.

            1. Love this!

              But it's sexist! Why does it only show women giving the guys bacon? WOMEN LIKE BACON TOO, YAKNOW! :-P

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              1. re: LindaWhit

                It was a promotion for Fathers' Day. Of course, one could still ask why they didn't have something for Mothers' Day!

              2. Thanks for posting the link.

                I love "The Four C's of Bacon." Does this mean bacon has replaced diamonds as "a girl's best friend"? (Though she likes bacon, somehow I don't think DW would be too amenable to a bacon engagement ring as opposed to what she is wearing now.)

                Anyway, I love the whole video, but I'm not sure which is funnier, the videos or the fact that it's real.