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Jun 10, 2013 07:39 AM

baseball and fine dining [Cleveland]

We will be in town on a weekend in July for Fri night ballgame and Sat dinner. Was wondering where people near the ballyard for food and drinks before the game (could be a dive we are ok with that as long as food is good and it is fun). Also wondered about a nicer dinner for Sat night - we eat anything. Thanks

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  1. Sorry, which city? Cleveland, Cincy, Detroit, Milwaukee..?

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      1. East 4th Street is very close to Progressive Field and has a number of great choices, including Greenhouse Tavern, Lola and Chinato. All pretty upscale.

        Plenty of casual places in and around there too, but I'll let others speak to those.

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        1. re: ClevelandRandy

          Agree with these suggestions for your Sat night dinner.

          A lot of casual places around but most of them really don't have very good food. I would totally go to Greenhouse for wings and fries (it's very downscale/informal inside) and then do Lola or Chinato (reservations a must at Lola) for the Sat night dinner.

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            Agreed whole-heartedly.

            Although I love the Winking Lizard for drinks/beers. Food is typical packaged Sports Bar fare, but the beer selection is top notch.

            As for the Saturday dinner, spot on with Lola or Chinato. I've only visited each place one time, but I can say that those 2 meals are among the best I've ever eaten.

        2. Thanks for your help - any information on Nicks Sports Bar - is it too much of a dive?