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Jun 10, 2013 07:35 AM

Pearl Dive's Fried Chicken

My fiance read the Washingtonian's article on fried chicken this weekend and got a major craving for the dish, so we headed over to Pearl Dive since it was a) the closest on the list and b) sounded the best. is that fried chicken amazing!!! It is very likely the best fried chicken I've ever had. It's fried perfectly, the skin does not pull away from the chicken when you bite into it. The seasoning is spot on, a little spicy but not too much. The meat remains juicy (they only serve dark meat. I wonder if this is because they found their white meat dried out too much) and crispiness of the skin is wonderful. No grease....just delightful.

It's served with a great coleslaw (also has a little heat), perfectly cooked collard greens (no vinegar...just the way I like it), and roasted fingerling potatoes. It also comes with pickled vegetables that we thought were way too spicy (the only downside of an otherwise perfect dish).

We split the dish (and got some oysters and the asparagus salad to start), which was more than enough. He even have a thigh left over for some late night cold chicken eating later in the week.

My understanding is you can also get a take out bucket with about 8 pieces in it and sides. It's a pretty good deal and a fun dinner for a party or a picnic.

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  1. Sounds great.
    Now when is happy hour, and how much are the oysters!

    1. I did the takeout thing with two friends about a month ago. We called in the order on a Friday night around 7 pm and they said it would be ready in 20 minutes IIRC, and to my surprise. We got two meals ($18 per meal?), each of which had 3 pieces, and a bit of each of the sides you mentioned. They hide the sides under a piece of cardboard under the chicken in the to-go container, so for a few minutes we thought they'd forgotten to include the sides! There was both dark and white meat, very nicely moist.

      It was good, though awkward fighting through the bar crowd to pick up my order behind the bar.

      1. The fried chicken is pretty outrageous here. I dunno if it's because the bird is "Amish" but this is a great dish.

        And the perfect capper? Apple pie!

        (I also really like the bar/patio combo setup, esp. on a nice warm day like today).