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Jun 10, 2013 06:55 AM

Going to Barbados in 2 weeks--suggestions?

I'm looking for recommendations of places to eat out or great grocery/markets to try in Barbados. We're staying in a house with a kitchen, so we'll be doing some cooking, but we'd love to have some recommendations on where to go out to eat. Affordable options would be great, as I've already got a list of some fancy places!

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  1. Here's a little map I compiled after our trip two years ago.

    Out of the roti places I would go to the one in Lanterns Mall. Eve's Garden is a nice place for simple local food. The Village Bar is another one I'd repeat.

    Besides that definitely go to Oistins, many food stalls there. Moe's was I think the name of the one we liked the best.

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      That map looks awesome, what a great way to keep track of your vacation. Thanks!

      1. re: Sablehart

        I tried to get the locations exact, so it should be easy to just load the points onto a GPS.

        Also be sure to load BajanNav, it's awesome and free, and should show the supermarkets and some of the restaurants.

        And just to stay on topic, in Rockley Beach Park I once saw a food truck around lunch time but didn't get to try it.

        Another thing, we found in the supermarkets they sell unpasteurized goat milk, something not easily found in North America, so we of course took advantage of that.

    2. Flying Fish, Roti, Oistins on Friday...rum rum and rum...Ti Punch is a must..