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Jun 10, 2013 06:14 AM

My Japanese hair stylist said that her go to sushi place is...

Sushiden on Madison. She does realize that it's an old school restaurant but she said she gets the best quality for the money. Funny because I tried to go there a few weeks ago for my coworker's b'day lunch but 'kicked' out because we didn't have a reservation by a rude staff.

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  1. Really odd, I've never made a reservation for lunch at the Madison location. I agree the FOH is a bit rude sometimes. Still the best Chirashi and futomaki in all of NYC. I've yet to have sushi there and I've been going there for years.

    1. I agree, I can't say Sushiden Madison is the best in New York, but it is certainly the best quality for the money. Love their chirashi sushi!

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      1. re: kosmose7

        That uni looks AMAZING. I am gonna give them another try...maybe this week.

        1. re: Monica

          Actually that uni don was specially requested by me, because I have tried their chirashi sushi just too many times and wanted to have something new. lol. I think if you ask they will gladly accommodate you.

          1. re: kosmose7

            How much does an uni don of that cost?

        2. re: kosmose7

          I also agree that Sushiden has good quality sushi.
          The 2 uni dishes in the photos look really good.

          1. re: kosmose7

            i love uni ikura don...i haven't had it in a long time, looks like i might be coming here soon

            1. re: Lau

              Just had uni ikura don at Soba Totto last Thursday with their cold soba...excellent for $20!

              1. re: Monica

                not a bad deal, but try the uni ikura soba @ soba koh...soba koh is way better than soba totto

          2. Sushiden is great. Two of the young chef's there were trained by Mr. Nakajima until he left for Shinbashi.

            One was just hired away to work for Robuchon in Monaco. He is that good.

            1. just because a person is Japanese doesn't mean they have good taste in Japanese food - and doesn't mean they have your taste in Japanese food.

              I'd just laugh off getting kicked out, and ask them politely if there's a good day to walk in.