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Jun 9, 2013 11:13 PM

Desfina -Terrific Lamb Gyros, Plus

After yrs of mention on CH etc., we finally came here for lunch.
Many winners; one major loser.

Loser- the Moussaka is dreadful. Embarassing. Curdled 'beschamel', flavorless meat and potatoes, eggplant ditto. no tomato.argggh. I asked for a side of tomato sauce and got a thin puree of reddish brown. (How do you get tomato sauce to look reddish brown?Maybe it's really V8.) Across town, Esperia Grill's moussaka is easily a trillion times better than this one. As in Haven't I told you a trillion times not to exaggerate?

-Lamb gyro: Warm and fresh thick pita with flavorful rare lamb (as requested), a few pieces of onion, a delicious tart thick yoghurt (Tzadziki )sauce and a pallid tomato mote. My Love had a number of chewy/gristly pieces; mine were fine, just way too big. I want to eat this every other day, but next time for take out I'm requesting that they cut up the lamb pieces post-grill, and add lettuce. I'll add my own , ripe, tomatoes.

- Fried calamari. Big heaping plate, perfectly fried in clean oil.
-Side salad- romaine w/ a v good simple homemade herbed vinaigrette. Their Feta was really good, medium bodied and creamy, and that was a major surprise(after years of junky harsh feta at other places.)
- Table bread-Iggy's. yay.

Meh- fried zucchini -strangely fried as planks(who knew; I thought 'everybody' fried zucchini in small thin wedges)Difficult to fork or pick up w/ fingers, and the coating all fell off. Accompanying Skordalia reaked of acrid garlic (the major drawback of food processor'd garlic.)

Simple nondescript room w/ soundless flat screens. Service friendly. After trying 'all the lamb sandwiches in Allston' plus a few in Watertown, I think I've found my happiness here in East Cambridge. If the basics are good (lamb, bread, sauce) I don't mind doing some doctoring. I wonder how their spinach pie is?
And their pork souvlaki, is that rotisserie pieces, fried on the griddle (like Esperia's)?
Meanwhile, take away lamb gyros here I come.

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  1. I order their spinach pie for lunch delivery regulary, and I will say it is pretty good. I like it better than Greek Corner's, which I just had Saturday night. I second the thumbs up on their feta. Really creamy and good. I also like their Greek Salad a lot, but it drives me crazy to have to cut the big clunky chunks of peppers and thick sliced cukes into more user friendly sizes. I will now try their lamb gyro on your nice report. Thanks! :)

    1. I agree about the lamb gyro. Had it a few weeks back and was pleasantly surprised. Well worth the visit.

      1. Thank you for your post, I regularly carryout from Desfina and did not realize that they offered a lamb gyro (I tend to get the pork gyro).

        I'll definitely try on my next visit!

        1. Any restaurant that serves Iggy's is high on my list of places to go for a meal. I'll have to remember to mention the lamb gyro to the BF, he's always looking for different lunch options and it's been awhile since we have been there.

          1. I went for the first time yesterday, and agree that the moussaka was very meh, lacking in flavor. I got the combo plate with the moussaka and the spinach pie, the pie was tasty but very dry.

            What saved an otherwise unimpressive meal was the appetizer of grilled octopus, which was fantastic. The meat was tender, with a nice smoky char to it, some of the best octopus I've had. The waitress said it was a house specialty, and I have to agree. Would probably go back just for this. Next time I'll try the gyros.

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              we're gong to do some take out gyros this wk; now will def also get the octopus. thx much.

              1. re: PaperDragon

                I really liked the octopus when I was there.