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Jun 9, 2013 10:14 PM

Where can I find Blair's Death Rain Habanero chips in Montreal?


I love Blair's Death Rain Habanero potatoes chips, but it's out of stock on their website. Do you know where I can find them in Montreal?

Someone said there are some at 4frères on St-Laurent, but I just called and they don't have it :(

Please, help me!

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  1. For the longest time the Metro supermarket near me (
    Notre-Dame/de la Montagne) had some Blair's chip products, which surprised me. I haven't checked lately, but the fact that Metro stocked them leads me to believe they have a mainstream grocery distributor now.

    Worse comes to worst you can order them from Chily Chiles in Ottawa:

    1. The Bulk Barn carry these, sold buy the bag, not in bulk. They carry a few Blair varieties.

      1. Wow--I had no idea we had Bulk Barns in Quebec.

        I used to live in Ottawa and they were all over the place, but I have never seen one in La Belle Province. There certainly isn't one anywhere the downtown area--too bad. Are they allowed to use the name "Bulk Barn" or are they forced to call themselves "La Grange En Vrac" or something similar?

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          Bulk Barn it is, with "Aliments en vrac de qualité" underneath their signage.

        2. I think I've seen them at the bagel place in Westmount on Ste Catherine near Greene.

          1. Adonis carries them as well.