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Where can I find Blair's Death Rain Habanero chips in Montreal?

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I love Blair's Death Rain Habanero potatoes chips, but it's out of stock on their website. Do you know where I can find them in Montreal?

Someone said there are some at 4frères on St-Laurent, but I just called and they don't have it :(

Please, help me!

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  1. For the longest time the Metro supermarket near me (
    Notre-Dame/de la Montagne) had some Blair's chip products, which surprised me. I haven't checked lately, but the fact that Metro stocked them leads me to believe they have a mainstream grocery distributor now.

    Worse comes to worst you can order them from Chily Chiles in Ottawa:


    1. The Bulk Barn carry these, sold buy the bag, not in bulk. They carry a few Blair varieties.


      1. Wow--I had no idea we had Bulk Barns in Quebec.

        I used to live in Ottawa and they were all over the place, but I have never seen one in La Belle Province. There certainly isn't one anywhere the downtown area--too bad. Are they allowed to use the name "Bulk Barn" or are they forced to call themselves "La Grange En Vrac" or something similar?

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          Bulk Barn it is, with "Aliments en vrac de qualité" underneath their signage.

        2. I think I've seen them at the bagel place in Westmount on Ste Catherine near Greene.

          1. Adonis carries them as well.

            1. Thank you so much to you all!
              I called at the Bulk Shop at Atwater, and they have some too.

              But I'll go to the Bulk Barn, it's nearer for me.
              Well, Thank you again for your super fast answers! =D