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Jun 9, 2013 08:23 PM

Friends going on a road trip from Toronto to Halifax and beyond. Fellow Canadian Foodies, we need your suggestions for great places to hit up along the way.

We're hitting up St.John, Halifax and Charlottetown and smaller places like Edmunston, Fredricton, Moncton. Any and all suggestions for unique places to eat and drink are welcome.

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  1. I'm planning a trip with a similar itinerary. Here's what I've got planned, and discussions I've used as references in developing my plans:

    ST. JOHN
    We're going to:
    City Market -


    We're going to:
    The Press Gang -
    Da Maurizio Dining Room -


    We're going to:
    Claddagh Oyster House -
    Lot 30 -
    New Glasgow Lobster Suppers -


    We're also going to Cape Breton Island, including Sydney and the Cabot Trail. LMK if you need recs there as well.

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      Wow, I really appreciate you collecting all this info into one comment! When are you planning on heading out?

      1. re: KingKendrickLamar

        Departing mid-July.

        I didn't mention it, but we're also going to be stopping to eat in Moncton en route to NS. Because it's a Sunday, many places are closed that day, so we were only looking at places open Sundays. We're planning to go to Catch22 Lobster Bar -

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          Dear nsxtasy - Hope you are having/had a great trip to my home province!

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            We're back now. Here's where we ate and how we felt about each:

            Catch 22 Lobster Bar, Moncton - just okay
            The Press Gang, Halifax - LOVED it
            Chabaa Thai, Dartmouth (Halifax) - liked it a lot
            Sugar Moon, Eastown (pancake breakfast) - LOVED it
            Lobster Pound, North Sydney (Cape Breton) - LOVED it
            Rusty Anchor, Pleasant Bay (Cape Breton) - liked it a lot
            Claddagh Oyster House, Charlottetown - LOVED it
            Lot 30, Charlottetown - just okay
            New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, New Glasgow PEI - LOVED it

            (As it turns out, we didn't stop in Saint John.)

            1. re: nsxtasy

              Glad you enjoyed your trip! It seems you had a lot of good eating!

      2. re: nsxtasy

        Da Maurizo I would skip and go to Bicycle Thief instead
        in Halifax Brooklyn Warehouse is a must as well Edna which just opened is fantastic

      3. I'll reply with more but .. it's Saint John

        St. John's is in Newfoundland

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          No one posted "St. John's" in this topic except you, LOL! :)

          1. re: nsxtasy

            they said St.John,
            I was just distinguishing between them

        2. Are you looking for "nice" restaurants or regional dive foods? Are you looking for the typical fresh seafood experience, or are you into authentic regional dive foods, like me? ; )

          Either way, there is a cool spot on the Halifax waterfront where you can get fresh oysters (The Shack), excellent bacon sandwiches (Canadian Bacon Cookhouse), fish 'n' chips (The Battered Fish) and even donairs (though I don't know if they're any good) all in the same 20ft radius.

          If you're into beer, Rock Bottom Brewpub has the best in town. I'm also a big fan of their peanut butter burger (but nothing else).

          Ace Burger is another local hit. Simple gourmet burgers at the divey Gus' Pub.

          If you want more stuff like this, let me know.