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Jun 9, 2013 08:22 PM

Harvest Seasonal coming to English Village in Montgomeryville/North Wales

Was strolling around English Village about a week ago and saw signs saying this place is coming in the fall. I think it is being remodeled where an Italian place used to be but I could be wrong.

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    1. re: jujuthomas

      If it is, it is interesting. This is David Magrogan of Doc Magrogans and Kildares. Harvest's original menu was created by Brian Duffy who also designed the menu for Shanachie and now can be found on Bar rescue. And that space was Bensi, another semi upscale italian chain mostly located in NJ.

      1. re: jujuthomas

        The link didn't work for me, but according to their FB page, there are currently 2 locations and it said coming soon to EV. I never liked Bensi. Hopefully this will be a positive addition to the area.

      2. Was strolling past this joint after a TJs run and it is fully operational. Nice crowd, it was saturday night, I got mezmerized by the two-sided glass fireplaces. Atlanta Baking Company or something had one in Plymouth Meeting Mall, I've always loved them.
        So, anyone been? Might have to drag John there but first we have to get past that McDonalds.

        1. A recent visit by friends yielded these comments. The facility seem very "open" which they found a bit uncomfortable, subjective at best. The food was mostly good enough. The annoying factor to this group was the service. The waiters pushing items " I would suggest you try the XXX, " "we are a wine bar and I would suggest the XXX" now this wine suggestion is before any food was ordered so it was just general selling. What they found most annoying was the roving bus people too frequently asking if they can remove items. Perhaps startup issues but annoying none the less. For some reason the waiter suggesting items before time to review the menu and with no knowledge of my tastes annoys me also. Yes, I suppose there is little difference between the reviewing of "specials" and "I suggest you try the xxx". and the wine push for me has no merit. I was surprised to hear favorable comments on the food as on my two visit to there other location the food was less than pleasing and the service there was also annoying.

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          1. re: Bacchus101

            Thanks for the info bacchus. I hate having to guard my food against overzealous bus people. Once when my mom was out for a fancy dinner the bus person grabbed her half of steak that she was just taking a break from. It is a wonder your friends could carry on a conversation at all with all the intrusions.

            1. re: givemecarbs

              carbs...Now that is aggressive busing, dear god. I have been considering telling them that I would indicated when I was ready for them. I suppose that would be a bit harsh? These friends were most likely able to talk thru the intrusion but it must have been annoying as they are not ones who would complain had it been normal activity.

              1. re: Bacchus101

                I don't think it would be too harsh to say that bacchus, but it would be a shame to have to take on the role of training the staff. It all comes down to good management.
                I'm going to have to drag John there, maybe even tonight. I think the controlled calorie aspect would appeal to him. For me it is just the two faced fireplaces. Perhaps if I hold my knife and fork in guard position I can intimidate them into not coming near my food. Would growling be over the top? I am a chowhound after all. :)

                1. re: givemecarbs

                  Agree, Carbs. Fine cuisine and fine wait staff do not always correlate. My luncheon at Deux Chimines in 2001 attested to this. While Fritz Blanc is an exquisite chef and his cuisine truly memorable, his staff reminded all hetero males that they were second class citizens and their presence barely tolerated. That, however, is a story for another thread.

                  1. re: givemecarbs

                    So John and I did end up going last night. The place was jumping. The hostess might have been the most friendly in a natural easy way that I have ever met.
                    My big chowhound moment of the evening came immediately. She tried to sit the two of us in a deuce right on the main traffic area. I was able to ask if there wasn't a booth available and she seated us at a nice secluded booth without making me feel pushy or demanding in any way. Asking for a better table does not come easy to me but I've learned the hard way to stick up for myself. Woot.
                    We started with a mint tea alcoholic beverage. John generally copies what I order he he. It was refreshing with a sprig of mint. I got the summer shrimp salad and John got a vegetarian selection, stuffed artichokes with a little side of quinoa salad. He didn't care for his selection all that much.
                    The shrimp salad was fine but I had low expectations and just wanted something light. Harvest is sure the right place for that. We had plenty of room for dessert.
                    Our waiter, who was very nice and attentive without smothering us brought over the dessert tray. The desserts are all the same size in little glass cups but they pack a lot into those cups. I let John choose for me and surprise he picked the same dessert for both of us. It was a chef's special concoction with a tiny bit of poached peach and some blackberry and cream and for the bottom layer key lime pie filling.
                    It is just as well John picked identical desserts because these little suckers would have been hard to share. John inhaled his but it took me about eight spoonfuls to finish mine so they are bigger than they look. I thought the dessert was delightful but John complained about the bottom layer being overpowering. I told him that if he ordered a Pousse-café he would probably stir that up too.
                    John wants to go back in two weeks for drinks and dessert but skip the main course. I wouldn't mind trying one of the flat breads or the ratatouille grinder.

              2. re: Bacchus101

                I've only been to the Glen Mills location and wasn't a fan. The up-selling by the staff was aggressive and past the point of acceptable.

                I wonder if they use one of those productivity software programs.