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Jun 9, 2013 06:42 PM

Brunch in North Toronto 2013

Had a good brunch at Lil Baci Taverna this past weekend. Several salads, lots of interesting egg dishes. For anyone who likes sticky buns, try the sticky bun, topped with fried pancetta and a fried egg, served with duck fat potatoes and salad. I had a few bites of my friend's sticky bun breakfast (decadent), and a generous lemony green bean/cremini mushroom/arugula/pecorino salad. Good coffee.

Another North TO brunch I enjoyed a couple months ago was a Sunday brunch at the Left Bank Bistro on Avenue Road.

I haven't tried brunch at John & Sons yet, but I've got it on my short list. I have enjoyed dinner at John & Sons.

I'm also planning to revisit Simple this summer.

Where do you like to brunch north of Bloor?

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  1. The sticky bun from Lil Baci sounds amazing!

    I went to Rose and Sons a few weeks ago and had the bread pudding with berry compote. The bread pudding itself was really yummy, but the order consisted of one really small piece, and it came with no sides, and they charged $9 for that. For that reason alone, I would not go back. That being said, the place was completely packed @ 10, which is when they open on Sundays.

    1. Try Vivetha Bistro on Yonge a couple block south of Loblaws on the West side of Yonge. Small place with friendly service and a fantastic brunch menu despite the odd name. Very inexpensive, delicious with very generous portions.
      See attached link.